With A Strong Emphasis On Innovation And A Focus On 210R Technology, Trina Continues To Bring The Latest Modules And Technology To The Industry: Gaurav Mathur, India Director, Trina Solar

Gaurav Mathur - Director Sales, Trina Solar

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Conversation Highlights:

  • Trina broke the world record for the 25th time setting N-type module aperture efficiency at 24.24%.
  • Trina Solar is committed to supporting the government in its endeavors to meet its ambitious energy goals and empowering its journey to a greener future.
  • The advanced technology incorporated in the Vanguard equips the tracker with exceptional reliability, excellent O&M efficiency, lower BOS cost, and high energy yield.

What have been the key developments at Trina Solar this year?

The year 2022 marks Trina Solar’s 25th year of experience and expertise as a leading solar company in the solar industry and we are delighted that Trina saw many milestones achieved as we celebrate this silver anniversary.

One of the many notable developments is Trina’s cumulative total module shipments of over 100GW by end of April this year, with customers across more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. Trina Solar has shipped more than 30GW of 210 modules worldwide, with the industry as a whole shipping more than 50GW by June; as for the India market, Trina Solar surpassed more than 8GW shipment supplying to PV projects in all three segments of residential, commercial and industrial and utility. With a strong emphasis on innovation and a focus on 210R technology, Trina continues to bring the latest modules and technology to the industry. This is evident in the recent launch of the first 210 N-type modules NEG21C.20 and the upgraded Vertex 19R series which features the latest 210R rectangular silicon technology at the recent REI Expo India.

Trina also saw the building of our own PV factory – Trina Solar (Xining) New Energy Industrial Park, to further improve industrialization of next-generation N-type cell technology, guide the industry towards switching to N-type, and create greater value for customers. Furthermore, to demonstrate Trina’s efforts in the N-type technology, Trina broke the world record for the 25th time setting N-type module aperture efficiency at 24.24%. In other areas such as financial health, Trina has also been financially resilient as we are widely recognized by global financial markets, authorities, and the solar industry for its bankability, high reliability, and solid performance. Trina maintains an ‘AAA’ Ranking in PV Tech Q3’22 Bankability Report and 12 products in the Vertex series demonstrated superior performance in UL’s bankability report.

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In essence, Trina is at steady expansion, creating a market-dominating position while committed to renewable energy goals and providing quality solar solutions.

What is your opinion about India’s solar industry? How can it become internationally cost-competitive?

India is among the countries which are the most supportive of solar and renewable energy in the world. It is believed that the demand is expected to increase in the near future due to its great potential for growth and development and increased support from the government. At a recent conference, Union Science and Technology Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh expressed confidence in India’s ability to reach the 500GW non-fossil fuel energy capacity by 2030. Since Trina Solar arrived in India, the company has shipped more than 8GW of solar modules to the country, contributing significantly to the total installed solar capacity in the country so far. Trina Solar welcomes the recent lifting of import restrictions on central public sector enterprises (CPSEs), which will help boost the development of solar energy in the sector. We believe in the merits of the open market, which will encourage innovation and promote wider adoption, helping the country to meet its goals. Trina Solar is committed to supporting the government in its endeavors to meet its ambitious energy goals and empowering its journey to a greener future.

Could you brief our readers about the Cutting Edge N-Type Modules you recently showcased at REI 2022?

The N-type module showcased at the REI Expo is the NEG21C.20, the first 210 N-type solutions designed for utility scenarios in India. The dual-glass bi-facial 210mm solar module offers 685W maximum power output and up to 22.1 percent module efficiency to deliver high customer value, reliability, and energy yield at lower levelized costs of energy (LCOE) and balance of system (BOS) costs. Trina Solar strategically develops n-type products and continues to lead the next generation of high-efficiency n-type technology to create greater value for customers. Since taking the lead in realizing the mass production of n-type modules in 2018, Trina Solar’s high-efficiency and high-power n-type modules have been well-recognized by the market.

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In order to meet the growing demand for 210+ n-type solar modules, in 2022, Trina Solar plans an 8 GW production capacity of n-type modules, which are all based on Trina Solar’s 210+ N technology, best combining the high efficiency of n-type cells and high reliability of 210 Vertex module, bringing premium green technology and perfect aesthetic experience to residential customers.

Trina tracker Vanguard 1P is a revolutionary product. Please highlight what makes it so special.

The TrinaTracker Vanguard 1P is a 1-in-portrait independent tracker with high flexibility for various complex terrains. Vanguard 1P adopts the 1P single-row design and includes technology advantages that guarantee higher reliability, more significant power generation, the optimized balance of system (BOS) cost, and enhanced adaptability. The advanced technology incorporated in the Vanguard equips the tracker with exceptional reliability, excellent O&M efficiency, lower BOS cost, and high energy yield.

The Vanguard 1P attributes its exceptional reliability to these features: a bi-damper system for unequivocal assurance of suitability in high winds; optimized torque tube design for tremendous torsional stiffness under wind-induced dynamic phenomena; patented spherical bearing which improves terrain adaptability with three-dimensional articulation; advanced stow strategies and integrated alarm strategies for completely autonomous protection of the plant in adverse weather conditions such as high wind, snow, flood and hail storms.

With excellent O&M efficiency, the Vanguard 1P is equipped with a range of fully qualified cleaning robot solutions from trusted partners for expedient and cost-effective module cleaning to ensure optimal plant performance. The inclusion of Trina Smart Cloud provides smart O&M with remote monitoring and control, component performance reporting, and remote triage and diagnostic functionality.

In addition, the Vanguard 1P also brings about a high energy yield. It is the solar industry’s only fully integrated tracker and module solution, providing the very highest assurance in terms of compatibility and long-term performance. With SuperTrack Smart Tracking Technology, it results in up to 8% energy increase in heavy cloud conditions and during backtracking on sites with uneven terrain with SuperTrack Smart Tracker Control integration.

How is Trina Solar gearing up for the coming year 2023? What can we look forward to?

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Trina Solar is a leader in the 210 technology. The production capacity of solar cells and modules is expected to reach 50GW and 65GW by the end of this year, 90% of that being 210 products. Trina Solar has also shipped more than 30GW of 210 modules.

With regards to the tracker segment, TrinaTracker (Tracker business by Trina Solar) has installed our first trackers in India, Malaysia, and Myanmar in the first half of 2022. We have also signed large module and tracker deals from 160 to 200MW for modules and trackers in New Zealand and Israel. We will ship our 650W DEG21 Vertex modules and 1P tracker to a 39MW project in Australia in the first quarter of 2023.

We have qualified multiple local vendors in India for the supply of posts, tubes, and purlins as we begin to execute our decentralization strategy. Heavy investment is done to build the team in R&D to take a leadership position in terms of technology and innovation so that our customers can know how TrinaTracker can effectively help them achieve their energy goals such as increasing energy yield and lowering LCOE.

Being a world-leading PV and smart energy total solutions provider, Trina Solar continues to strengthen its business system centers on core products, such as PV modules, trackers, and batteries, and is expanding solutions for the entire PV system. Trina Solar can offer the industry’s only truly integrative solution of modules, trackers, energy storage, and smart controls to reduce EPC cost and risk, while at the same time unlocking the highest and most assured long-term energy outcome for IPPs and long-term asset owners in India.

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