Egypt’s New Energy Projects To Add 55 GW To Renewable Energy


According to Egypt’s top renewable energy official, Egypt will soon be a major global energy hub. The country signed several projects in November that would add almost 55 GW, to its existing solar and winds power production.


Chairman of the New and Renewable Energy Authority, Mohammed Al-Khayyat, said that the most populous Arab nation signed 16 agreements with international and regional companies to produce green hydrogen, as well as other agreements for solar as well as wind projects, during the COP27 conference in Sharm El-Sheikh last month.


Khayyat stated that such contracts would pave way for a strong future for the renewable energy industry in Egypt.


He stated that Egypt’s geographical location, high wind velocity, and high sunshine rates made renewable energy projects feasible and would attract more investments.


He stated that Egypt had signed 16 agreements with international and regional consortia, as well as with local partners at the COP27 conference. There were also 9 other framework agreements.

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These projects will produce around 12,000 MW during the trial period as well as 55,000 MW in the first stages. This will make the country a major producer of renewable energy.

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