With Contendre Solar, A Robust Service Support Is Complementary Along With Its Best-in-Class Product Range

    With Contendre Solar, a Robust Service Support is Complementary along with its Best-in-Class Product Range.

    Contendre Solar has always believed in providing a seamless and hassle-free buying experience to its customers. For Contendre quality is not just the quantitative measure of perfection, it includes customer satisfaction too. In the current scenario of unprecedented uncertainty, safeguarding developer’s investment, and future-proofing it has emerged as a top priority for investments in solar. Contendre’s product quality and services address an important gap by securing customer value and providing a safety net. Based on the company’s customer-centric approach, the ‘Contendre Cares’ program was established to guarantee that its products perform reliably and efficiently throughout their lifespan and to support and provide some cushion to its customers against some of the major pain points of the industry allowing clients to achieve a high return on investment against their installations.


    72 hours Resolution Assistance:


    Being a technical product manufacturer there may be a small probability of some product-related queries or challenges being faced by a few customers for whatsoever reason. Overcoming these challenges plays a crucial role in this industry where the uptime of the plant is directly linked to the revenue being generated. Contendre Solar commits to 72 hours of resolution assistance for any product-related queries to the customer.

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    Dispatch Tracking Service:


    Contendre offers dispatch tracking services along with an estimated arrival schedule against each consignment to its customers. Adhering to this the customers could promptly make on-site arrangements for timely project executions.

    Buffer Replacement Service:

    Being in this industry we all know that, problems with even a single module in the power plant may lead to quite a lot of revenue loss for the developer. Addressing this, Contendre provides an out-of-the-box solution to its customers. Along with the purchase of each MW of Contendre Solar modules, the company provides its customers 5 additional modules free of cost. So, if there’s any problem with even a single module it could be replaced on an immediate basis maintaining a better uptime of the plant avoiding generation loss and in turn avoiding the loss of revenue.

    Technical and Documentation Support:

    Contendre provides prompt technical assistance along with documentation support for accurate and hassle-free project development and execution planning.

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    Module Performance lab testing:

    Contendre is the only company across the industry to provide this unique service to its customers. Contendre allows its MW scale customers to pick any random module from their ordered lot and send it to any third-party laboratory of its choice in the country for performance testing free of cost. This shows the confidence that the company has in its products.

    Quick Transit Damage Assistance:

    Transit damage is one more grey area of this industry where customers struggle a lot giving in the replacement timeline of the companies. Contendre addresses the same under its 72-hour resolution commitment policy. Contendre being a flat organization, the resolution timelines of these issues are cut down drastically providing quick response time to its customers.

    With Contendre Solar, a Robust Service Support is Complementary along with its Best-in-Class Product Range. Contendre Solar with this fresh and unique customer-centric approach and its quality product line has been able to make itself quite visible amongst the industry giants present in the country, within its small three-year lifespan.

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