Iberdrola Closes 2022 with Nearly 40,000 MW of Green Energy


Iberdrola continues to make progress in its commitment to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and accelerate the deployment of renewable energy around the world.


The company has closed 2022 with almost 40,000 MW green – specifically 39,963 MW – which represents an increase of 5.1% over the same period last year, as reported to the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).


As a result, it has consolidated its position as one of the electricity utilities with the cleanest installed capacity in the world, with 80% emission-free capacity.


By technology, the leading energy is onshore wind, which exceeds 20,000 MW for the first time in its history after installing 750 MW in 2022. Among last year’s projects, the Oitis onshore wind farm in Brazil stands out. This project, comprising 12 farms, will have a total installed capacity of 566.5 MW, making it the company’s largest onshore wind project in Latin America and the second largest in the world.

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It has also begun commercial operation of its first solar farm complex in Brazil, Luzia, which has a capacity of 149 megawatts. Also noteworthy is the development of photovoltaic energy, which now totals 4,264 MW, following the installation of 1,204 MW. This strong momentum is due mainly to the incorporation of the 553 MW Francisco Pizarro photovoltaic plant in Cáceres (Extremadura), which supplies clean energy to 334,400 homes per year.

On an international scale, it is worth highlighting the development of the 193 MW Lund Hill photovoltaic plant, the largest solar project in the state of Washington, and the 200 MW Golden Hills wind farm in Sherman County, Oregon. Of the company’s entire renewable portfolio, Spain accounts for almost 50%, with almost 19,800 MW of ‘green’ installed capacity, helping to position the country as one of the most important powers in Europe. For its part, the United States has 8,702 green MW, mostly wind, Brazil has 4,568 MW and the United Kingdom has more than 3,000 MW.

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The remaining countries account for 3,890 MW of green power.

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