Arctech’s Multi-Point Drive Mechanism Technology Reaches 9GW Global Deployment

Arctech’s Multi-Point Drive Mechanism Technology Reaches 9GW Global Deployment

Arctech, the world’s leading tracking, racking, and BIPV solutions provider, announced it has added a 10.87 MW Chilean project to Latam’s regional portfolio. The product applied to the project is the 1P solar tracking solution SkyLine II, the first 1P (one-in-portrait) tracker designed with a pentagonal torque tube and synchronous multi-point drive mechanism in the world.


The project is located in an area in which wind speed is 35m/s, where SkyLine II can enable the maximum economic result. The synchronous multi-point drive mechanism technology rigidifies the tracker to the point of enabling 0deg wind stow mode, hence reducing the difference of wind pressure and post loads between the exterior and interior of the PV plant. By doing so, Skyline II enables a new possibility of designing the plant using trackers with identical pile configurations, overcoming the uncertainty faced in the early stage of plant design and construction. There are no other ways for traditional trackers to achieve the same outcome and solve the problem without dismantling and replacing all trackers in the affected areas.

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Arctech invented the multi-point drive mechanism in 2019, the technology has been applied to both the 1P and 2P solar tracking solutions of the company, namely SkyLine II and SkySmart II. The two products applied Arctech’s signature technology, which has accumulated a 9 GW world portfolio around the globe, and a 534 MW product portfolio in the Latam region per se.


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