Alesayi Beverage Corporation Partners With Tetra Pak Arabia For Greenfield Facility Powered By Solar Energy

A file photo of Alesayi Beverage Corporation Partners With Tetra Pak Arabia at Gulfood 2023

Alesayi Beverage Corporation signs an agreement with Tetra Pak Arabia for Euro 7.6 million at Gulfood 2023. The agreement will see Tetra Pak provide state-of-the-art processing equipment to Alesayi’s greenfield facility. It is expected that the new facility will be operational by the first quarter of the year 2024 and produce beverages of approximately 200,000 litres per day.


This agreement will boost Alesayi’s international and regional expansion plans, as well as create significant employment opportunities for Jeddah.


The new factory will be powered by solar energy and will have an innovative design that will reduce water and energy consumption.


Alesayi Group CEO Sheikh Mohammed Ali Alesayi stated, “Our partnership with Tetra Pak will allow us to diversify our offerings and provide sustainable beverage solutions that can be supplied to local, regional, and international markets.”


Niels Hougaard, Tetra Pak Arabia Area Managing Director, stated, “At Tetra Pak we commit to making food safe and accessible everywhere. Alesayi Group’s agreement is a testimony to our commitment to providing innovative processing solutions and sustainable packaging for all of our customers.”

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