GreenYellow Vietnam Partners With Bac Giang Garment Corporation To Install Rooftop Solar Power System

A file photo of GreenYellow Vietnam Partners with Bac Giang Garment Corporation to Install Rooftop Solar Power System

GreenYellow Vietnam, a leading provider of renewable energy solutions, has announced its partnership with Bac Giang Garment Corporation (LNG) to install a rooftop solar power system. The move is part of GreenYellow’s ongoing efforts to promote sustainable energy practices in Vietnam and help businesses transition towards a more environmentally-friendly future.


Bac Giang Garment Corporation (LNG), one of the largest enterprises in the Bac Giang province, will benefit from the energy-efficient rooftop solar system, which will help reduce their carbon footprint and decrease reliance on traditional energy sources.

“We are proud to become a companion with Bac Giang Garment Corporation (LNG) in energy transformation towards sustainable goals in the coming time,” said a GreenYellow Vietnam spokesperson.


The partnership is a significant milestone for GreenYellow Vietnam as it continues to expand its presence in the country’s renewable energy market. The installation of the rooftop solar system is expected to provide a boost to the local economy and create job opportunities for the community.

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Overall, this partnership highlights the importance of renewable energy in achieving sustainable development goals and supports Vietnam’s ongoing efforts to transition towards a low-carbon economy.

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