BayWa r.e. Solar Trade Partners With New Energy Academy To Provide Solar Training In The Philippines


BayWa, r.e. Solar Trade has recently partnered with New Energy Academy to provide training modules for professionals in the Philippines’ solar industry. This partnership is unique in that it brings together a world-renowned renewable energy company and an international educational institution.


New Energy Academy (NEA), an educational platform, offers training and certification for solar professionals through technical, business, and hands-on experience.

Junrhey Castro (Managing Director, BayWa.e.) stated that the solar industry is diverse, growing, and wide-ranging. They want to play a role in the development of technical knowledge for installers. We must equip our professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to drive the transition to renewable energy in the Philippines. This includes keeping them current on the latest technology in the solar industry and ensuring they are familiar with the proper protocols for safe design and implementation.


The partnership will see BayWa r.e. and NEA join forces. The partnership will combine skills and resources to create and roll out certification programs that businesses can use and apply in the sector of renewable energy. This includes the training of roof solar installers and EPCs in the Philippines.

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Castro said, “We noticed that the solar industry is growing and we needed to continue education and training of professionals in the field of distribution and service of inverters and solar modules. This includes the installation and commissioning of large and small projects. We need to ensure that installers are properly certified. The government must also approve the certification of solar installations. We are hopeful that our partnership will open the door to these procedures. We hope our partnership will open the door to these procedures.”

BayWa r.e. will be participating in the program. Over eight weeks, NEA and Solar Trade will offer online training modules. Workshops will be held throughout the country by the partnership to provide the necessary skills for solar professionals to run their businesses. It will also encourage engineering students to learn more about solar and to get involved in the industry.

“BayWa r.e. Solar Trade is committed for the long-term to the solar industry. We are confident we can bring our expertise to the table and bring like-minded people to benefit the Philippines’ transition,” said Mr. Castro

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Brenda Valerio, Country Manager at NEA Philippines, said, “We are thrilled to join BayWa r.e. Solar Trade is on our quest to increase the growth of professionals and trained talent. This will greatly contribute to the rapid growth in solar, storage, as well as other distributed energy solutions within the global high-growth markets. This is part of our strategy to support a more energy transition in these markets.”

“We look forward to the future of the Philippines’ solar sector and are confident it will continue growing from here,” she added.

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