Sungrow Introduces Liquid-cooled ESS PowerStack For C&I Energy Storage In Mexico


Sungrow, a global leading inverter and energy storage system (ESS) solution provider, introduced its liquid-cooled ESS PowerStack at Solar + Storage Mexico 2023 to promote the growth of Mexico’s commercial and industrial (C&I) energy storage industry.


The Mexican energy storage industry is mostly focused on behind-the-metre C&I applications. Energy storage devices are used to help major power users manage their costs more efficiently. Businesses may greatly reduce their overall power costs by charging the batteries during low-cost off-peak hours and discharging them during high-cost peak hours. Battery units can assist industrial customers in complying with new and more strict grid requirements, which, if not satisfied, might result in significant financial fines.

To achieve the aforementioned criteria, Sungrow’s C&I ESS PowerStack is a competitive solution that provides great profitability, safety, and flexibility.


Technical Highlights of Sungrow’s PowerStack


The PowerStack offers a range of battery capacity options, from 250kWh to 4MWh, and is intended for applications requiring energy storage for two to four hours. Through a combination of several components, including lithium-ion batteries, a power conversion system (PCS), an energy management system (EMS), and a fire suppression system (FSS), this solution simplifies the transportation, installation, and operation and maintenance (O&M) processes associated with energy storage solutions.

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The PowerStack uses cutting edge innovations, for example, fluid cooling to diminish the levelized cost of energy stockpiling (LCOS) when contrasted with conventional air cooling. By executing this fluid cooling, the PowerStack can keep a lower battery temperature contrast, which brings about longer battery duration and improved charging and releasing effectiveness. The PowerStack also has an automated coolant refilling system and an automatic state of charge (SoC) calibration feature that help cut down on operations and maintenance (O&M) costs.

The PowerStack provides a comprehensive safety design at the cell, electrical, and system levels to uphold Sungrow’s strict safety priorities. The cells are monitored in real time with great precision using artificial intelligence to identify changes and provide early warnings to stop thermal runaway. The risk of electrical hazards is significantly reduced with four layers of protection against dangerous arcs and excessive electric current. To guarantee security all through the whole framework, a few well being measures have been carried out, for example, protected pipe connectors, an IP65 module plan, a one-way breather valve, and a trickle gatherer.

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While Sungrow was an early entrant in the energy storage market, they have ranked first among Chinese companies in global ESS shipment for seven consecutive years. “Energy storage has the potential to improve power quality and reduce electricity costs for industrial organisations in Mexico. We’re well positioned to provide valuable services through our cutting-edge C&I ESS solutions,” stated Ada Li, Head of Sungrow Latin America.

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