RERC Proposes Amendments to Boost Renewable Energy Adoption and Green Practices

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The Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission (RERC) has released a draft amendment to the “Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission (Terms and Conditions for Tariff determination from Renewable Energy Sources) Regulations, 2020.” The proposed amendments aim to promote renewable energy projects with storage, facilitate solar power supply to electric vehicle charging stations, encourage non-fossil fuel-based waste-to-energy plants. These amendments seek to make renewable projects more attractive to end-users by allowing annual energy banking. Additionally, in alignment with the Green Energy Open Access Rules 2022, the RERC has introduced the concept of Green Energy Tariff, Green Certificate, and Ratings, thereby promoting environmentally friendly practices.


The amendments include provisions for banking renewable energy on an annual basis, subject to certain conditions, to benefit existing and new captive projects. The RERC has also proposed the implementation of Green Energy Tariff, allowing consumers to choose to purchase green energy for a portion or all of their consumption. Additionally, the introduction of Green Certificates will enable consumers to receive certificates for green energy supplied beyond their Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO). These measures aim to encourage renewable energy adoption and support the development of waste-to-energy projects, green hydrogen production, and ammonia production in Rajasthan.

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Stakeholders and interested parties are encouraged to provide their suggestions and feedback on the proposed amendments by May 26, 2023, in order to contribute to the shaping of a more favorable regulatory framework for renewable energy in Rajasthan.



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