AW-Energy Collaborates with Kaoko Green Energy Solutions to Develop Renewable Energy Solutions in Namibia


AW-Energy, a renowned company specializing in near-shore wave energy technology, has recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Kaoko Green Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd in Namibia. The main objective of this partnership is to develop renewable energy solutions, particularly in the production of green hydrogen from various renewable sources, including wave energy. This collaboration follows AW-Energy’s latest advancements in its WaveRoller® technology.


Christopher Ridgewell, CEO of AW-Energy, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating that Namibia’s abundant and consistent wave resources make it an ideal location to harness the benefits of wave energy for sustainable industries and job creation. The collaboration with Kaoko presents an exciting opportunity to support Namibia’s sustainability goals and integrate WaveRoller® technology into the country’s energy mix. The ultimate aim is to demonstrate the value of WaveRoller® in applications such as desalination and green hydrogen production.

The MOU signifies a shared commitment to cooperate and explore opportunities for knowledge sharing in the development of clean and sustainable ocean energy resources, including the assessment of wave farm projects in Namibia. The project will be implemented in three phases. Phase 1 involves the detailed site design, fabrication, and deployment of a WaveRoller wave farm in Swakopmund, Namibia, to provide renewable power for inland resettlement and development. Phase 2 will assess the feasibility of wave farms in multiple locations throughout Namibia, while the final phase aims to expand wave energy plants for grid integration and support energy needs in desalination and green hydrogen projects.

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Namibia has set ambitious goals to become a global leader in green hydrogen production and aims to position itself as an international exporter in the coming decade. The country’s Green Hydrogen Council has launched a strategy supporting its commitment to the Paris Agreement and striving for net-zero emissions by 2050. By leveraging green hydrogen, Namibia aims to meet global energy demands, enhance energy security, and contribute to regional energy needs.


The MOU also emphasizes the importance of upskilling the local workforce to maximize employment opportunities in the growing clean energy sector. AW-Energy intends to collaborate with local stakeholders to facilitate the fabrication, manufacturing, and deployment of WaveRoller® technology using the expertise of Namibian personnel. By integrating wave energy with other renewable sources like solar, WaveRoller® offers cost-effective solutions for green hydrogen production, aligning with the global clean energy hydrogen roadmap.

AW-Energy’s WaveRoller® WaveFarms are recognized as one of the most advanced wave energy technology solutions available, offering a comprehensive package that includes wave energy converters, infrastructure, logistics, life-cycle services, and documentation, enabling customers to generate indigenous renewable energy reliably and sustainably.

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