Concor Expands Solar Power at East Gate Shopping Center in Germiston, South Africa

Representational image. Credit: Canva

South African construction and mining company, Concor, has started working on a project for the expansion of solar power at East Gate Shopping Center located in Germiston, East Rand region. The project will add 5.74 MW of solar power to the existing 1 MW grid-tied solar plant of the shopping mall.


East Gate Shopping Center which is owned by two South African firms, Liberty Two Degrees (L2D) and Liberty Group Ltd, received the existing solar PV plant at its parking system in April 2021. The ongoing solar project is in line with L2D’s 2030 net zero targets which include reducing energy reliance on the nation’s unreliable grid and creating good and smart spaces.

As businesses in South Africa embrace renewable energy, Concor is dealing with the expansion of solar power at the shopping mall that will contribute to a better sustainable future. Concor has already executed similar projects in both retail stores and commercial offices around the country. This latest solar project is expected to be completed by January 2024.

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Martin Muller, Contract Manager at Concor, said the project expansion work will comprise nearly 550 tonnes of structural steel roof which will support the solar photovoltaic panels. The steel roof will be constructed on concrete plinths on the upper parking level, ensuring that loads are spread equally onto the main columns below.


In addition to ensuring the quality and safety of the new PV plant, Concor will also be phasing its workflow to reduce disruption to the mall tenants and customers. The company will coordinate eight subcontractors on site so that the busy shopping times do not get affected. Spreading over an area of 31,000 square meters, the solar panels will also provide shade for shoppers parking on the upper level.

Retailers in South Africa are collaborating with shopping mall owners to develop solar PV and battery storage systems as backup power solutions instead of diesel generators which have resulted in raised operational costs as well as decreased sales. Last year, the real estate company Redefine Properties announced an R144 million investment in solar power projects across its portfolio, including some major malls in the country.

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