Erbil Province Advances Clean Energy Goals With The Launch Of Solar Power Plant

A file photo of Erbil Province Advances Clean Energy Goals With The Launch Of Solar Power Plant

KRG Prime Minister Masrour Barzani marked a significant milestone as he laid the foundation stone for Erbil province’s inaugural solar power plant. The event highlighted the importance of developing eco-friendly energy sources and underscored the public’s responsibilities in managing energy payments and reducing overconsumption.


Addressing a gathering of esteemed attendees, Prime Minister Barzani expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Electricity and the companies involved in this momentous project. The solar power plant is poised to generate an impressive 25 MW of electricity per hour, serving as a pioneering venture in Erbil with the potential for future expansion across the Kurdistan region.

The Prime Minister stressed the critical need to prioritize the utilization of clean, eco-friendly, and alternative energy sources. Collaborating with the Ministry of Electricity, the government has undertaken reforms to enhance electricity provision for the people of Kurdistan. Commending the Ministry’s efforts in improving electricity infrastructure and addressing energy violations, Prime Minister Barzani emphasized the implementation of smart meters to curb electricity wastage and bolster supply hours from the national grid. However, he acknowledged the necessity for further development to ensure a round-the-clock electricity supply to the public.

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Highlighting the significance of partnerships between the Ministry of Electricity and the private sector, Prime Minister Barzani called for concerted efforts to plan and prepare for continuous power supply, including the integration of solar and other renewable energy sources. He underscored the abundant opportunities to enhance the electricity sector and better serve citizens. The Prime Minister emphasized the equal importance of public cooperation, urging citizens to avoid wastage, reduce overconsumption, and promptly settle electricity bills. By doing so, citizens contribute to the government’s ability to cover a portion of electricity production costs and ensure uninterrupted supply. Notably, the subsidized electricity provided by the government is significantly lower in cost than its actual production, transmission, and distribution expenses. Through citizen cooperation, the government’s annual expenditure in this sector can be reduced.


Prime Minister Barzani acknowledged the challenges in achieving the goal of providing 24-hour electricity despite recent efforts to increase production. The region’s growing population, the establishment of new factories, and the increased use of electrical appliances have contributed to the existing demand. To establish a mutually supportive relationship, the government must provide improved services, while citizens have a responsibility to fulfil their obligations. The Prime Minister urged citizens to settle their debts to the government, enabling the provision of 24-hour electricity at a comparable or even lower cost than private generators. By doing so, citizens can avoid the inconveniences caused by noise and gasoline odors in their neighborhoods.

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In conclusion, Prime Minister Barzani called upon all citizens to view the government as their own and actively participate in its functioning. He emphasized that the government exists to serve the people, while citizens have a responsibility to safeguard their country and the environment. This shared commitment between the government and citizens is vital to fulfilling their dual responsibilities.

The Prime Minister extended congratulations to the Ministry of Electricity and the private companies involved in this significant project. He expressed his hope for the continued flourishing of solar, renewable, clean, and eco-friendly electricity projects in Kurdistan, offering his best wishes for success. Ultimately, he aspired to witness the prosperity and thriving development of the Kurdistan region.

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