PT PLN Strengthens Electricity Infrastructure In Border Areas With New Solar Power Plant In Temajuk, West Kalimantan

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PT PLN (Persero) continues to strengthen electricity infrastructure in border areas by developing a Solar Power Plant (PLTS) in the Temajuk area, Sambas Regency, West Kalimantan. The existence of a PLTS with a capacity of 371-kilowatt peak (kWP) is expected to boost the economy of the people in the area which is directly adjacent to Kampung Melano Malaysia.


The Main Director of PLN, Darmawan Prasodjo explained, through the presence of PLTS in the outermost regions of Indonesia, is a reflection of the company’s commitment to accelerating the use of green energy while simultaneously boosting the people’s economy.

“Not only increasing the New and Renewable Energy (EBT) mix, through this step, we are also trying to boost the economy for our brothers and sisters in the 3T region through the presence of electricity, this time in Sambas which is directly adjacent to Malaysia,” said Darmawan.


He explained, in accelerating the energy transition in the country, the company will maximize the EBT potential in each region.

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“By maximizing the potential of EBT in each region, PLN will continue to accelerate the energy transition throughout the country,” he explained.

On the other hand, PLN’s General Manager for the West Kalimantan Main Distribution Unit, Mochamad Soffin Hadi, said that together with the PLTS, PLN is also finalizing the electricity network for the grid to an isolated system in the Temajuk area.

“Currently we are trying to strengthen the supply of electricity to the 3T area, especially in the Temajuk area so that people can immediately enjoy 24-hour electricity service and the revitalization of PLTS of 371 KWP which is scheduled to operate in August 2023,” said Soffin.

Soffin said, with electricity supplied by the existing generator and supported by the Temajuk PLTS, there are at least 786 residents’ houses that will enjoy PLN electricity. So, this can support the activities of residents as well as support MSME actors in developing their businesses.

“It is an honour for us to be able to electrify residents’ homes to the frontier, remote and disadvantaged (3T) areas, so that it has a positive impact on the tourism and MSME sectors to improve a sustainable economy and of course create jobs for local residents,” said Soffin.

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Soffin added, the strategic position of Temajuk Village, which is on the coast and directly adjacent to the State of Malaysia, makes the area have its own potential and attractiveness for the development of the border area in the future. Thus, the presence of reliable electricity is important for the economic progress of the Temajuk Village area.

Moreover, said Soffin, every weekend many foreign tourists from Malaysia and domestic tourists visit Temajuk Village.

“Apart from travelling to the beach, not a few tourists just eat or have a culinary tour in Temajuk Village. The existence of reliable electricity will certainly boost the economic growth of the people there,” concluded Soffin.

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