The Future Energy Show Vietnam 2023: Sungrow’s Advanced Energy Solutions Alleviate Vietnam’s Power Shortage


Sungrow, the global leading inverter and energy storage system supplier, participates in the Future Energy Show Vietnam 2023 from July 12th to 13th. The company showcases the latest full-scenario energy solutions especially cutting-edge residential and C&I solutions, which can provide fresh ideas for ensuring the power consumption of industrial and commercial parks in Vietnam. Sungrow also donates to the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (SEEE), hoping the donation will play a practical role in local education and the sustainable clean power transition.


Since the beginning of this summer, Vietnam has suffered from a serious power shortage, which has provoked a severe blow to the Vietnamese manufacturing industry particularly in the northern region. In addition, approximately 100 million residents do not have an uninterrupted electricity supply. The local traditional power supply is weak under such hot weather; thus, solar energy is becoming a better way for manufacturers and residents to get rid of the power shortage.


Premium C&I solar-plus-storage integrated solutions to light up world factory 


The latest cutting-edge C&I solutions released by Sungrow include inverter SG125CX-P2 and ESS SG101CP-50HV. During the exhibition, Sungrow also released the SP600S power optimizer which will further improve power generation efficiency and system safety.

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The combination of PV, ESS, and the power optimizer makes the solution reach a higher yield, enhanced power generation, easy installation, and simple operations and maintenance (O&M). For sustained power outages faced by Vietnam’s factories, 2-5 hours of optional ESS from Sungrow will be of great help. The system can realize 100 percent depth of discharge(DOD) and keep brilliant performance under standard conditions for 15 years.

Residents of Vietnam yearn for safer and more efficient residential PV solutions

When any product is applied in the residential scenario, people pay special attention to the safety and efficiency of the products, the same as PV systems. Sungrow’s residential solution includes 10 kW and 20 kW inverters, the SG10RS, SG20RT-P2, and 11kW EV chargers, which can meet the personalized needs of different families. In addition, to better power generation efficiency among similar products, for the safety about which homeowners are more concerned, the inverters and EV chargers have multilevel safety protections, qualified for strict standard requirements, such as household appliance level radiation protection, AFCI function to prevent fire threats, etc.

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Utility-scale PV plants ask for more advanced and flexible solar-plus-storage solutions

Tailored for utility-scale projects, Sungrow also exhibited its “1+X” modular inverter, which has both the advantages of string and centralized inverters. The product features a 1.1MW single unit as the minimum and can be configured from 1.1 MW to 8.8 MW. This inverter is more flexible and has higher yields. The “1+X” modular inverter has been widely used in environments such as deserts, mountains, and seas, and has maintained positive perceptions from global clients. In addition, the cumulative global contracted volume of the “1+X” modular inverter has exceeded 12GW.

At the same time, to further improve the stability of the local power supply in Vietnam, Sungrow’s liquid-cooled energy storage system, PowerTitan can play an important role. The PowerTitan professionally integrates power electronics, electrochemistry, and power grid support technologies to ensure the safety of personal assets, grid connection, operation and maintenance, and more. It can achieve lower levelized cost of storage (LCOS) and higher yields, which will greatly benefit in a fixed power supply.

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“As a global leader in the renewable energy industry, Sungrow has always been concerned about the energy in Vietnam. We not only provide innovative products, solutions, and intelligent monitoring system iSolarCloud to help Vietnam move towards clean energy but also undertake corporate social responsibility, such as conducting open-class teaching for local schools. At this exhibition, we are making an in-kind gift to the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering(SEEE) with the installation of an on-grid solar system for educational purposes at SEEE together with SEV, helping to realize a sustainable future practically,” said, Steven Zhu, Sungrow’s Regional Manager.

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