SolarAfrica Energy and Starsight Energy Merge to Create a 580 MW Clean Energy Powerhouse in Africa

Representational image. Credit: Canva

SolarAfrica Energy and Starsight Energy have completed their business merger, establishing the leading pan-African clean energy platform. The new merged group aims to offer comprehensive and cost-effective renewable energy solutions to commercial and industrial customers across Africa. Helios Investment Partners and African Infrastructure Investment Managers have provided their support for the merger, recognizing the potential for sustainable innovation in the African energy market.


The merged group now presents an expanded solutions portfolio that includes solar energy, battery storage, wheeling, and energy management, all of which are operated and maintained on behalf of customers. By combining their resources and expertise, SolarAfrica Energy and Starsight Energy intend to make clean and affordable power accessible to a broader customer base, promoting a sustainable future.


The group boasts an impressive installed and contracted portfolio of 520 MW in solar power generation, 60 MWh of battery storage, and an additional energy pipeline exceeding 2 GW, leading to a carbon offset of over 360,000 tonnes of CO2 to date. With key markets in Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, and South Africa, the merged group is also planning an expansion into Tanzania and Uganda.

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In-country focus remains a priority for the new entity, as it aims to strengthen its footprint across Africa. Both SolarAfrica Energy and Starsight Energy will maintain their presence within various countries, ensuring dedicated in-country management and technical teams to support the development of renewable energy hubs.

The merged group’s executive management team will combine the expertise and experience of both companies, with Paul van Zijl serving as the Group CEO, Charl Alheit as the Group Chief Investment Officer, and Max Rieg as the Group Commercial Director. The regional management structures will also be retained, with David McDonald, Emmanuel Ayifa Baah, Ladi Sanni, and Rupesh Hindocha leading their respective regions.

With this merger, SolarAfrica Energy and Starsight Energy are poised to drive the growth of clean energy solutions across Africa, offering power security and carbon reduction to businesses and contributing to the alleviation of strain on national grids in key African markets.

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