JREDA Launches 7 Comprehensive Maintenance Tenders for a Total of 212 Solar Mini Grids in Jharkhand

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In a significant move towards bolstering renewable energy infrastructure, the Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (JREDA) has announced the issuance of seven tenders for the maintenance and operation of solar mini/micro grid plants across various districts. The selected agencies will assume responsibility for a comprehensive maintenance contract and operation (CMCO) for a duration of five years. This initiative underscores JREDA’s commitment to harnessing renewable energy sources and integrating them into the state’s energy landscape.


The tender will cover an impressive number of grid plants across different districts, including Chatra (68), Gumla (23), Hazaribagh (14), Pakur (17), Sahibganj (37), Simdega (06), and West Singhbhum (47). A total of 212 solar mini/micro grid plants will be subject to the comprehensive maintenance contract, where the selected agencies will be tasked with essential repairs, replacements, and upkeep of critical components such as Power Control Units (PCUs), solar modules, batteries, and other vital parts as needed.

The tender requires a CMCO for an SPV Power Plant, ensuring servicing, parts replacement, and a 5-year battery warranty from installation. The contractor must arrange continuous operation and maintenance, deploying skilled personnel 24/7.

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The CMCO period starts upon SPV off-grid Power Plant re-commissioning, necessitating regular CMC and quarterly reports, including schedules, to JREDA; non-compliance results in penalties. Authorized dealers, companies, firms, corporations, and subcontractors are ineligible. Eligible bidders in Jharkhand can leverage Micro and Small Enterprise schemes, entailing qualification exemptions.

Last date of submission of bid is 22-08-2023 and bids will be opened on 24-08-2023.

The tender outlines strict terms to ensure efficient SPV Power Plant functionality, benefiting qualified bidders and promoting sustainable energy operation and management.

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