Absa Bank Facilitates $24 Million Green Loan To Propel Ghana’s Renewable Energy Transition

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Ghana’s ambitious drive to diversify its energy sources and adopt renewable alternatives has received a substantial boost through a groundbreaking $24 million corporate green loan facilitated by Absa Ghana.


This financing will support the establishment of a pioneering 100MW solar facility for the Bui Power Authority, bolstering the country’s energy capabilities and advancing its commitment to sustainable progress.

Leading the transformative solar initiative is Meinergy Technology Limited, a respected firm specializing in renewable energy solutions. This milestone transaction also marks Absa Ghana’s inaugural foray into green lending, reinforcing its position as a prominent advocate for eco-friendly power and regional sustainability.


The rigorous efforts of Absa’s team to secure this significant deal were underpinned by strict adherence to the bank’s stringent sustainable lending criteria. The project underwent thorough scrutiny to meet precise standards, ensuring its recognition as an exemplary green loan endeavor.

Ellen Ohene-Afoakwa, Director of Corporate and Investment Banking at Absa Bank, underscored the institution’s unswerving dedication to Africa’s transition to clean energy.

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She commented, “The global focus is increasingly shifting towards clean energy and addressing climate change. We strongly believe that a diversified energy sector, incorporating both thermal and renewable sources, is pivotal to meeting Africa’s energy demands. As a bank, we are resolutely committed to supporting Africa’s clean energy revolution, which will drive job creation, stimulate economic growth, and alleviate poverty. This aligns seamlessly with our purpose of empowering Africa’s future collaboratively—one story at a time.”

The significant accomplishments of Meinergy Technology in implementing substantial renewable initiatives across the continent greatly contributed to the success of the agreement.

The company’s past achievements include providing power to ECG from its 20MW solar farm in Winneba and a triumphant 10MW venture in Longyuan for the State Grid Corporation of China.

Thanks to Absa’s forward-thinking green loan and Meinergy’s specialized knowledge, Ghana is well-positioned to achieve significant advancements in its shift towards cleaner and more eco-friendly energy solutions.

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The Bui Power Authority’s 100MW solar installation will undeniably bolster the nation’s energy capacity and solidify Ghana’s position as a regional frontrunner in the pursuit of a greener future.

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