South Africa’s TiAuto Transitions 16 Retail Stores To Solar Power In Efforts To Embrace Renewables

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Sixteen retail stores under TiAuto’s banner have successfully transitioned to solar power in the first phase of their renewable energy initiative. This move is part of a comprehensive strategy to decrease the group’s reliance on Eskom and embrace sustainable energy sources.


As Phase 2 progresses, TiAuto aims to have all of its stores operating on solar energy within the next three years. TiAuto, the parent company of prominent automotive fitment centers like Tiger Wheel & Tyre, Tyres & More, and Treads Unlimited, has reported promising initial outcomes from the transition to solar power.

Notably, they have generated 498 MWh of clean energy on an annualized basis, curbed carbon dioxide emissions by 295 tons, and conserved the equivalent of 42,908 liters of oil. The total investment in solar energy by the group stands at R10 million.


Phase 1 of this endeavor encompassed solar installations across properties owned by TiAuto Investments, spanning 18 locations, including a significant installation at the company’s headquarters.

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In Phase 2, the focus shifts to retail properties leased from external landlords, necessitating more intricate negotiations and processes for solar system implementation.

Should TiAuto succeed in gaining approval from all landlords for solar installations, this initiative would expand to encompass an additional 73 sites, entailing an investment of approximately R37 million.

With plans to introduce around 15 new equity stores in the upcoming financial year, the total capital expenditure for Phase 2 is projected to reach R45 million.

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