Navitas Solar and Colby Solar Forge Strategic Alliance to Propel Renewable Energy in North America

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In a dynamic convergence of visionary leadership, pioneering legislation, and innovative industry collaboration, the United States solar sector finds itself at the threshold of unprecedented growth. Buoyed by the vibrant solar landscape and State-driven initiatives, the market is primed for monumental advancements. At the forefront of this groundbreaking momentum is the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA) of Illinois, illuminating a path toward ecological sustainability and social equity. A noteworthy exemplar of this transformative legislation is the strategic partnership between Navitas Solar and Colby Solar, poised to reshape the renewable energy landscape in North America.


Lloyd Wynn, spokesperson for Colby Solar, enthused, “The CEJA legislation mirrors our core values and commitment to championing inventive solutions and clean energy. It propels comprehensive advancement in clean energy, renewable resources, and inclusive environmental policies.”


For Byron DeLear, Chief Executive Officer of Sustainable Equity, the auspicious conditions offer fertile ground for burgeoning business alliances. “Our burgeoning collaboration with Navitas Solar, exemplified by ‘Navitas USA by Colby,’ marks the inception of the first majority Black-owned solar manufacturing facility in the U.S. This 1.2 GW operation, poised to ascend to an impressive 10 GW, capitalizes on the fortuitous environment,” DeLear declared.

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Navitas Solar’s Evolution: A Decade of Solar Excellence and Global Vision

Reflecting on a decade of pioneering presence in India’s solar energy sector, Navitas Solar commemorates its remarkable journey. Established on February 13th, 2013, by visionaries Vineet Mittal, Sunay Shah, Ankit Singhania, Aditya Singhania, and Saurabh Aggarwal, the company has ascended to a preeminent position among India’s solar panel manufacturers.

“The trajectory of our enterprise underscores our unwavering pursuit of excellence. Each milestone signifies our dedication to success while effecting positive societal and environmental change,” stated Vineet Mittal, Co-Founder and Director of Navitas Solar. The company’s progression from an initial 75 MW annual capacity to the present 1.7 GW module production capacity exemplifies its remarkable trajectory, with a projection to reach 5 GW annually within five years.

Vertical Integration: A Hallmark of Navitas Solar’s Approach

Noteworthy within Navitas Solar’s narrative is its prowess in both backward and forward integration, a rarity within the industry. Highlighting this achievement, Mittal explained, “Our strategic alliance with Alpha Plastomers in 2019, focusing on Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) sheets, an essential component for solar module manufacturing, illustrates our commitment to integration.” The subsidiary, Navitas Alpha Renewables Pvt. Ltd. (NARPL), has achieved an impressive annual production capacity of 1.5 GW, a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication and progress.

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Global Aspirations: Navitas Solar’s Strategic Partnerships in the U.S.

Navitas Solar’s vision transcends borders as it forays into the U.S. market through strategic partnerships. Collaborations with Sustainable Equity, Colby Solar, Pruitt & Associates, and Energized Ventures, supported by legal expertise from Husch Blackwell and Bricker Graydon, and consultancy prowess from Attracting Resources, underscore Navitas Solar’s international expansion. The strategic amalgamation aims to augment Navitas Solar’s global footprint, with the establishment of “Geosol Global Distribution” to distribute Navitas Solar modules in North America and the development of a 1.2 GW solar manufacturing facility in the American Midwest.

A Pinnacle Revelation Awaits: Navitas Solar’s Unveiling at RE+ Las Vegas

The pinnacle of Navitas Solar’s trajectory and its partnership with Colby Solar, bearing the moniker “Navitas USA by Colby,” are set to reshape the North American solar landscape. A seminal moment is anticipated during the RE+ event in Las Vegas on September 13, 2023. Key industry players and press representatives are cordially invited to partake in an exclusive evening reception, where the partners will unveil their visionary collaboration, promising to redefine the future of solar energy in North America.

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