Allana Group Embraces Solar Energy from AmpIn Energy Transition’s 30MWp Mishrikh Solar Project


AmpIn Energy Transition, a pioneering player in the energy transition sector and India’s premier Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer (IPP), has forged a strategic alliance with the Allana Group. This partnership aims to supply 4.5MW of solar power to the Allana Group’s facility located in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.


AmpIn holds a prominent position as the leading renewable energy IPP in Uttar Pradesh (UP), boasting a strong solar portfolio. The company has successfully commissioned consecutive solar open-access projects within the state. Notably, the Mishrikh Solar Project, with a capacity of 30MW, represents the fifth project to be brought online in Uttar Pradesh.

“With this offtake of 4.5MWp Solar Power, we will be taking Renewable Energy (RE) replacement to about 50% of our total energy mix at our Aligarh Plant. This is an important & significant milestone for Allana group as this project is our first Open Access project. We sincerely appreciate AmpIn Energy for their invaluable efforts in facilitating the seamless supply of renewable energy to our Aligarh Plant in a record time. Together, we are making a positive impact by embracing renewable energy and paving the way for a greener future. Allana group is committed towards sustainable development, and we look forward for multiple Renewable Energy Transition options across our manufacturing units in various states of India,” Mr. Ajay Mittal, Director (Engineering, Services & Projects), Allana Group said.

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After the finalization of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Allana Group, the flow of solar power commenced in less than 3 months reinforcing AmpIn’s expertise in delivering large scale projects on a timely basis.

Mr. Pinaki Bhattacharyya, CEO and MD of AmpIn Energy Transition, emphasized the transformative impact of the collaboration, stating, “The alliance with Allana Group marks a significant stride towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. Through our projects, we continue to help our customers achieve 100% RE andaccruesignificant economic and environmental benefits. We are grateful to partner with such an esteemed partner as we collectively navigate the path towards 100% RE transition and shape a greener tomorrow.”

This strategic partnership underscores the joint dedication of AmpIn Energy Transition and the Allana Group to cultivate a more sustainable and environmentally conscious energy landscape in India.

AmpIn, with a total investment of INR 1,337 Crores, boasts a cumulative solar project portfolio of 300MWp spread across seven locations in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Currently, 120MWp is operational, while an additional 180MWp is in the advanced stages of execution. AmpIn remains proactive in seeking new investments to develop further renewable projects and offer renewable energy transition solutions to commercial and industrial consumers within the state.

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