Sungrow Displays its Latest Innovations for North America During RE+ 2023


Sungrow introduced its latest solar, storage, and EV charging solutions for the North American market during this year’s RE+ in Las Vegas, NV. These innovations will satisfy various local market demands and advance the North American transition to clean energy.


New products for utility-scale solar and energy storage markets 

Tailored to the utility-scale PV plants, Sungrow showcased its newest string inverter, the SG200HX-US. The SG200HX-US is equipped with 12 MPPTs, which accurately track points of the highest power to ensure the PV system constantly operates at the optimal power generation state, resulting in increased overall yield. The product also features a maximum current of 20 A per string and is compatible with larger format PV modules. With one MPPT for a two-string design, the product eliminates the possibility of string reverse connection, ensuring proven safety.


The Company also exhibited its modular inverter, the SG3150/4400UD-MV-US (3.15 MW/4.4 MW). This modular inverter is a flagship solution that combines the advantages of both central and string inverters, with one MPPT for each unit, making the plant design unprecedentedly flexible.

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Tailored to the proliferating utility-scale energy storage market, Sungrow released its liquid-cooled energy storage system (ESS), the PowerTitan 2.0. The new system is designed based on Sungrow’s power electronics, electrochemistry, and power grid support technologies. It adopts a large battery cell capacity of 314 Ah, integrates a string Power Conversion System (PCS) in the battery container, embeds Stem Cell Grid Tech, and features a systematic liquid-cooled temperature control. The comprehensive system significantly enhances the power density, enabling the 20-ft container to be equipped with 5 MWh batteries and 2.5 MW PCS.

Innovations optimized for commercial and industrial installations

Optimized for the commercial and industrial (C&I) PV segments, Sungrow offers 36 kW and 60 kW string inverters, with multiple MPPTs, built-in PID recovery function, and optimal protection capability, making these inverters ideally suited for varied rooftops.

Sungrow also offers its forward-looking ESS PowerStack for C&I storage applications. The PowerStack is a 500 kWh energy storage system. The DC-DC controller can charge and discharge battery racks individually, thereby increasing the overall system performance. The automatic state of charge (SoC) calibration and the automated coolant refilling considerably reduce operating and maintenance (O&M) costs.

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The EV charging business is witnessing a rise in demand amid the increasing sales of electric vehicles. At RE+, Sungrow showcased its latest 22 kW AC EV charger, 30 kW and 180 kW DC EV chargers to meet the rising demand in North America.

“We’re delighted to offer these new and comprehensive solar, storage, and EV charging solutions for different applications. As the world’s most bankable inverter brand, we’re ready to embrace more opportunities and challenges that will take place in these vibrant North American markets through teaming up with more partners,” stated Hank Wang, President of Sungrow Americas.

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