JGA And Fidelity Group Drive Jordan’s Green Hydrogen Initiative With Feasibility Study Agreement

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Jordan’s Minister Dr Saleh Al-Kharabsheh and representatives from Jordan Green Ammonia (JGA) recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU), marking the commencement of a comprehensive feasibility study for large-scale projects focused on renewable (green) hydrogen.


JGA, in collaboration with the Ministry, will conduct a year-long preliminary feasibility study aimed at establishing a new green hydrogen project in a greenfield site near the Port of Aqaba. The project will leverage desalinated seawater and dedicated renewable power to produce green hydrogen, aligning with Jordan’s sustainable vision and the Economic Modernization Vision (2020-2030), which emphasizes investment in green hydrogen.


The primary objective of this memorandum is to generate cost-competitive green hydrogen and green fuels, contributing to Jordan’s development and supporting the global transition toward a net-zero emissions future.


Dr. Wael Suleiman, CEO of JGA and Fidelity Group, expressed the significance of the signing ceremony, emphasizing Jordan’s determination to harness its abundant renewable energy resources. The MoU serves as a blueprint for collaborative efforts between private sector entities and the government to expand the potential of green hydrogen.

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As part of the agreement, JGA will provide a detailed work plan outlining key milestones for the project. A technical report will offer a comprehensive pre-feasibility-level desktop assessment of the full project value chain, covering renewable energy, energy storage, power transmission, and green hydrogen/ammonia production.

PhD Marlena Krohn, Vice President and General Director of Hynfra stressed the Ministry’s commitment to a future where renewable hydrogen plays a pivotal role in Jordan’s energy sector. She expressed excitement about the project and the technology expertise that JGA brings to the initiative.

Jordan Green Ammonia was established through a collaboration between the Polish hydrogen firm, Hynfra PSA, and the UAE-based chemical company, Fidelity Group.

Tomoho Umeda, CEO of Hynfra, emphasized the pride in bringing Polish experience in ammonia synthesis to Jordan. He highlighted the ambition of the Jordan project to combine renewable energy possibilities with unique know-how in producing green chemistry products. Umeda expressed confidence in the project’s prospects and noted the valuable expertise brought by Wael Suleiman from Fidelity Group.

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If the feasibility study produces favorable results, the Ministry is prepared to proceed with an official framework agreement, ultimately leading to the final investment agreement.

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