Bahrain’s Northern Municipal Council Greenlights Solar-Powered Illumination For Public Spaces

Representational image. Credit: Canva

In an effort to enhance environmental sustainability and reduce reliance on traditional power sources, public parks, walkways, beachfront, and gardens in Bahrain may soon be illuminated using solar energy.


The Northern Municipal Council has approved a proposal to implement this initiative in all municipal facilities in the Northern Governorate. Vice-chairwoman Zaina Jassim, who presented the proposal, highlighted Bahrain’s commitment to sustainable development and eco-friendly approaches.


The move is expected to decrease reliance on the national electricity grid by up to 15% in each municipal facility during the initial phase. Jassim hopes the government will cover the cost of solar panels as they become more efficient and affordable.


The Minister of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture, Wael Al Mubarak, will make the final decision on the recommendation. If approved, the initiative could be expanded to include all facilities across the kingdom.

Jassim believes that once operational, energy cost savings could be reinvested in constructing new facilities, acquiring more solar-power equipment, and accelerating nationwide implementation.

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