GoodWe Unveils the New SMT 50/60 kW Inverters in Korea Market


GoodWe, the leading global solar inverter manufacturer, introduces its latest inverter models, the three-phase SMT series 50/60 kW, to the Korean market. These innovative inverters have been designed to cater to small and medium-large projects for both residential and commercial applications.


Korean Market Tailored:


The series of SMT inverters has been equipped with advanced safety features, LCD display, and smart inverter technology to meet the standards set by the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) and the Korea Electrical Safety Corporation (KESCO). Obtaining KS (Korean Industrial Standards) certification in October of this year, the SMT series inverters have undergone upgrades, enhancing their capability of grid connection maintenance, uninterrupted operation, and power factor control. The products are now officially available in the Korean market.


High Energy Production and ROI:

The SMT inverter offers a maximum efficiency rating of 98.8%, guaranteeing a high return on investment (ROI). It boasts an input current of 15 A per string and supports a maximum current of 30 A per MPPT, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of high-output bifacial modules. With a low start-up voltage of 180 V and an MPPT operating voltage range from 200 V to 950 V, these inverters maximize power generation, even during low sunlight conditions including early mornings and late afternoons. Up to 6 MPPTs ensures optimal energy production even on cloudy days.

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Easy Installation and Maintenance:

The SMT series 50/60 kW inverters have been designed with user-friendliness in mind. The LCD display allows users to quickly check the system’s operational status, detect system errors, and make adjustments. They have also been constructed with streamlined installation, wiring, and maintenance, utilizing materials that save both time and costs.

Additional Safety Features:

Reflecting changes in the domestic solar industry in Korea, various safety functions have been added in line with the RE100 scheme, especially the industrial scenarios and roof-type solar systems. The SMT series 50/60 kW comes with optional AFCI functionality to ensure the system safety, detecting DC arcing within up to 200 m and shutting down the circuit within 500 ms. The product also adds PID recovery capability, securing better module performance and longer lifespan.

Mr. Kim Gil-Joong, Country manager of GoodWe Korea, stated, “Korea is an important strategic market for GOODWE. Since establishing the Korean office in 2019, GoodWe Korea has already built a sales network and after-sales service network. We will continue to proactively respond to various market demands in Korea while striving for overall quality improvement.”

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