Egypt Unveils Tax Incentives To Boost Green Hydrogen Investments

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Egypt has unveiled an extensive set of tax incentives to stimulate investments in green hydrogen initiatives. Finance Minister Mohammed Maait presented the incentives at an investment conference in Istanbul, highlighting Egypt’s dedication to green energy and environmental sustainability.


The incentive package includes significant tax exemptions ranging from 33 per cent to 55 per cent, along with dedicated funding facilities for green hydrogen projects.


A noteworthy aspect is an exemption from value-added taxes on production and essential substances, aiming to reduce financial barriers and enhance the economic viability of these eco-friendly endeavors.


Egypt’s comprehensive support framework positions it as an attractive destination for both local and international investors in the growing green hydrogen sector.

Maait also outlined the government’s broader vision, emphasizing the proactive use of green funding tools and allocating a substantial portion of public investments to sustainable and renewable projects, demonstrating a holistic commitment to environmental stewardship.

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