“Ginlong Has Gained The Trust Of The Customers With Strict Product Requirements By Winning The EUPD Award”

In Conversation with Mr. Idrish Khan, CTO, Ginlong Solis


Let’s being with a glimpse of your company’s presence in India’s RE sector?


Established in 2005, Ginlong Technologies, the manufacturer of Solis Inverters, is the only publicly traded company with a primary focus on string inverters went public and was listed on the Shenzen Stock (Stock Code: 300763.SZ) Exchange in March 2019, which helps to strengthen customers’ confidence in building long-term partnerships with Ginlong Solis. Since 2017 Ginlong has started the operations in India and we understand Indian customer requirement and considering that we have taken all necessary step to meet the customer requirements , in terms of quick service support, local service stock points, so Ginlong has spread their service network across the country having HQ in Mumbai with telephonic service support call center setup, and local service person stationed in Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, to reach out to customer site with less time span to address customer problems.


What are the different product and services you offer in the Indian & Global market?

􀃂 Product and services that we offer are:

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Solis String Inverter range: 0.7kW – 125kW

  • SOLIS MINI – 0.7kW – 3.6kW (1 MPPT)
  • SOLIS 1P – 2.5kW – 6kW (2 MPPT)
  • SOLIS 1P – 7kW – 10kW (3 MPPT)
  • SOLIS Three Phase – 5kw – 20kW (2 MPPT)
  • SOLIS Three Phase – 20kw – 40kW (4 MPPT)
  • SOLIS Three Phase – 40kw – 70kW (4 MPPT)
  • Dual DSP/CPU Transformer-less design
  • Wide input voltage range, flexible installation of panels in each string
  • Dual MPPT on the inverters > 4kW
  • 4 MPPT on >20kW
  • Small, lightweight, aesthetically pleasing cases allowing for easy install in domestic environments
  • Maximum efficiency >99%
  • IP65 rated for external installation
  • AFCI Function

􀃂 New Products 2019

􀃂 RAI-3K-48ES-5G

􀃂 Solis-1P (7-8) K-5G

􀃂 RHI-1P (5-10) K-HVES-5G

􀃂 Solis-1P (25-50) K-5G

􀃂 Solis-(80-110) K-5G

􀃂 Solis-125K-EHV-5G

􀃂 We offer 5 years standard (extend to 20 years) warranty.

􀃂 Regarding the service,

􀃂 Unmatched experience across 60+ countries

􀃂 High reliability

􀃂 Limited time to ensure fast service

􀃂 Technical support–local service for after-sales

􀃂 We provide services like telephonic support, engineer site visit and inverter replacement door to door service in case of any fault. And strategically located our service engineer at Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai.

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What kind of potential do you see for Ginlong Solis in India’s upcoming EV marketing?

We are still evaluating the best solutions possible to propose, Recent push for the EV segment in the Union Budget has expedited adaptability among the people. Planning is to launch good products for this segment very soon.

Ginlong soils have been awarded the title of “Top Inverter Brand” by the world-famous photovoltaic authority research organization EUPD for four consecutive years. How will you keep up the momentum?

Ginlong have gained the trust of the customers with strict product requirements by winning the EUPD award form last four consecutive years this award also provides a clear guidance for investors, owners and installers of distributed PV power stations in choosing inverters at home and abroad., we keep up the momentum as A Legacy Of Excellence.

Please let us know Ginlong Solis company vision for next fiscal year in India?

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We target to ship more then 1GW of inverter supplies by end of 2020.

What has been your growth story during FY18 and what is the forecast for FY19?

According to BTI report in FY18 we were ranked number 5 while this FY19 we ranked number 2.

India is a very competitive market. How do you keep ahead of the competition?

Ginlong technologies is always focus on continues development on the product to meet the local demand and requirement, recently we introduce (5G series) in Indian market which has brought get success for Solis in Indian market. The new 5G models bring “efficient, intelligent, reliable” customer value, suitable for commercial roofs, residential roofs and other distributed scenarios.

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