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Top 10 Solar Inverters Recently Launched At The REI Expo 2019


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Top 10 Solar Inverters Recently Launched at the REI Expo 2019

Every year the level of competition increases when it comes to the Annual REI Expo. We could see the same scenario this year as well at the Annual REI Expo 2019 which was held in the greater Noida between September 18 and 20, 2019.


As the Indian economy is developing the utilization of power is anticipated to arrive at 15,280 TWh in 2040. In any case, with the growing pollution and contamination of resources, the government is planning to utilize the Green Energy segment. The Green Energy segment is expected to attract a revenue of US $80 Billion in the following four years.

The REI Expo saw a participation of about 800 exhibitors who showcased their projects, innovations and technologies. There was presence of major Chinese and European manufacturers, some of them were also a part of the wind energy segment. For solar segment there were an array of companies for solar modules and solar inverters. Some of the top performing solar inverters which interested the audience were:

* The below mentioned companies are not as per any rankings.

Delta – M70A Cloud

Delta’s new flagship inverter model, M70A cloud connected three-phase solar string inverter with 77 kVA maximum AC apparent power for ground-mounted and commercial rooftop systems. Thanks to its compact design and low weight, the M70A is easy to transport and install.

Having 6 MPP trackers, each with three pairs of connectors, string current monitoring, I-V Curve scanning, Night time reactive power generation, Anti-PID function & RS 485, Sub-1G wireless & Wi-Fi based communication and an electromagnetic interference (EMI)-proof design give the system planner more flexibility when designing PV plants & maximizing overall yields. Fuseless design and operation of inverter, in case only 2 strings per MPPT are connected, gives a cost optimization flexibility. With ground-mounted systems, module rows can be set up with minimal spacing. Potential shadowing can be compensated by smart allocation of the MPP trackers. Even complex rooftop systems that have multiple sections with different alignments can be easily implemented using the M70A.

Huawei – SUN2000-185KTL

Huawei, the world leader in inverter shipments, announces the launch of latest utility scale 1500V smart string inverter, SUN2000-185KTL-INH0 (“SUN2000-185KTL”) for Indian solar market.

The state-of-the-art SUN2000-185KTL integrated the AI algorithm, is the best choice for 1500V solar system, trackers and bifacial PV modules. Huawei updates the traditional astronomical algorithm and adopts intelligent trackers and bifacial PV modules based on AI algorithm to achieve the integration of tracker control, power supply and communication, maximising energy yields.

SUN2000-185KTL has maximum efficiency 99.03% and European efficiency 98.66%, ensuring high power generation; 9 MPPTs for versatile adaptions to different layouts and string-level fast trouble-shooting; multi-MPPT design reduces mismatch impact caused by shading and dust; no fuse design reduces the fire risk caused by DC side malfunction and decreases O&M cost. Comparing to the traditional solution, FusionSolar Smart PV Solution with SUN2000-185KTL makes yields increased by over 3% and O&M efficiency increased by over 50%; AI auto-learning enables the trackers to fit the bifacial PV modules better by optimising the tracking algorithm, which brings additional 0.5% to more than 1% of energy yields; Huawei patented multi-peak algorithm achieves tracking the highest power peak in 200 milliseconds; Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis can proactively discover low-performance strings, achieving the revolution from passive maintenance to active preventive maintenance.

Mayank Mishra, regional sales director of Huawei Smart PV Business India, said: “The SUN2000-185KTL power density is further enhanced and it is the industry’s first on-grid solar inverter that incorporates AI technology. It integrates smart tracking system control functions to stably adapt to various power grids and complies with the latest CEA guidelines of India and IEC certified. Based on reports released by global consultancy IHS Markit, Huawei was ranked No.1 globally in inverter shipments for four consecutive years, 2015 to 2018.” Huawei Smart PV is committed to bringing digital to every organization for a fully connected, intelligent world. It will stay customer-centric and continuously provide competitive products and solutions through large-scale R&D investment and technological innovation to Indian solar industry.

Sungrow – SG5000UD & SG250HX-IN

Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, unveiled a wide range of new products at REI 2019. Here below two featured products with information in detail.

The SG5000UD-20 turnkey station features an optimal protection level of IP65, maximum efficiency of 99% and can work without derating at 50 degree Celsius, making it ideal for India by reducing O&M cost and enabling sustained power yields despite the scorching heat and sand corrosion. It’s equipped with integrated current and voltage monitoring function for online analysis and trouble shooting. Developed for large-scale utility solar plants, the turnkey station also characterizes a high DC/AC ratio of up to 1.7 and flexible 5MW or 10MW block design, ensuring an optimized LCOE.

Another flagship product intruduced at REI was SG250HX-IN. The SG250HX-IN is the world’s most powerful 1500Vdc string inverter, featuring a high capacity of 250kW. It comes with the high voltage of 1500Vdc and 800Vac, enabling cost saving on DC and AC cables. The product is of a maximum efficiency of 99% and compatible with bi-facial modules, offering a higher yield. The system features 12 MPPTs and a flexible block design, making it an ideal solution for hilly utility-scale applications.

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Particularly with an ingress protection level of IP66 and an anti-corrosion grade of C5, the compact inverter is resilient in harsh conditions like desert and coastal areas. With smart forced air-cooling technology, the SG250HX can operate without derating at extremely high temperatures. The system is also inserted with fault diagnostic and IV-curve scan function, making it easier for operation and maintenance. Embedded anti-PID function will lead to much less module degradation. Also, the improved Power Line Communication (PLC) shall decrease installation cost without excessive communication wiring. In a bid to co-work with the probable storage segment, the inverter can be connected to storage systems with equipped storage interface.

GoodWe – ET Series

GoodWe has produced its brand-new ET Series high voltage hybrid inverter for both households and commercial applications. The energy storage solution from GoodWe give customers control of their power, by giving them choice and flexibility over how they use the electricity grid. By storing excess power during off-peak hours, when electricity costs are at their lowest, clean energy can be enjoyed during peak times while benefitting from a reduction in monthly costs. In addition, the battery storage system provides critical back-up power during grid outages or blackouts.

Covering a power range of 5 kW, 6kW, 8 kW and 10 kW, GoodWe ET is the world’s most compact and lightweight three-phase hybrid inverter in the market with maximum efficiency of 98.3%, equipped with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Function, backup overloading, AC charging functions and open-protocol EMS communication system.

The product has adopted leading topology and an innovative inverter control technology which contributes the maximum efficiency up to 98.3%. Electricity from PV modules is converted with a decreased loss, greatly increasing power generation capabilities and serving users a higher return on investments. It also allows 33% DC oversizing capacity for easy connections with more PV modules and features a wide battery voltage range of 180 – 550 V. Furthermore, when comparing with existing EPS function (Emergency Power Supply) on the market, UPS is much favorable to inductive loads such as air conditioners or refrigerators with an automatic switchover time of less than 10 milliseconds, which guarantees 24/7 non- stop power supply.

The new GoodWe ET series storage inverter is manufactured to be very compact with dimensions of 415*516*160 mm and lightweight (25kg) which makes it easier for installation and maintenance both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its Battery Input Reverse Polarity Protection, battery will not be damaged by accidental swap of the positive and negative polarity which help ensure safe battery installation. The inverter is also in-built with open-protocol EMS communication system as it ensures interconnections between grid companies and batteries to dispatch electricity freely.

GoodWe will be committed to research and manufacturing of energy storage solutions and smart energy management. GoodWe believes that, with the development of relevant technologies and the price declining of batteries, energy storage will complement the accelerated deployment of renewable energy in its various forms.

Ginlong Solis – Solis 125kW

Ginlong Technologies, a global leader in photovoltaic string inverter manufacturing, expands its Solis portfolio with a new utility-scale solution for the India solar market. The Solis 125kW 1500V three-phase string inverter made its debut at the REI Expo exhibit.

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s recent Solar Module and Inverter Bankability report, Solis earned third place among Asian inverter brands out of a total of 17 global inverter manufacturers. Banks are more willing to offer non-recourse loans to PV projects using Solis inverters, helping developers secure financing.

PV asset owners are increasingly turning to string inverter technologies for utility-scale projects. Delivering substantial energy harvest advantages, the Solis 125kW solution combines high power density and light weight to streamline installation. Furthermore, Ginlong’s integrated utility solution includes a dedicated India – based service team to guarantee hassle free O&M.

“Solis continuously sets new standards in string inverter reliability,” says Idrish Khan, Chief Technical Officer at Ginlong Solis India. “High system reliability means ultra-low maintenance costs for our customers, boosting returns over the life of their assets.”

DNV-GL validation testing puts Solis at the very top of the performance range for three-phase string inverters. DNV-GL notes “the inverter life models presented are positively impacted by the long and impressive track record of PV inverters designed and manufactured by Ginlong. The useful life projections are at or near the top of the string inverter life projections.”

Designed for higher energy yield, the Solis 125kW offers unique advantages including:

  • 33% higher DC string voltage than 1000V systems, resulting in higher energy density and lower installation costs
  • 99.1% maximum efficiency — one of the highest in the market
  • 20 DC inputs results in DC to AC ratios up to 150% for greater energy generation during lower irradiance conditions
  • Optional AC combiner connects two-125kW units into a 250K system, substantially reducing AC cable costs
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The Solis 125 kW features built-in string monitoring, which measures all string parameters for quick fault isolation and system commissioning. An integrated smart I/V curve scanning feature helps detect such string faults as panel mismatch and shading, decreasing O&M time and increasing system energy yield. DC fuses on both positive and negative inputs protect the inverter and DC cables, while built-in replicable DC and AC Type II surge protection devices (SPD) safeguard during power surges, further ensuring system availability.  Lastly, Type I SPD protection is also available to shield against damage from frequent surges and lightning strikes.

Sofar Solar – G3 Inverters

During the REI EXPO 2019, SOFARSOLAR showed its latest inverter series named ‘SOFAR G3’.  The range is from 1kW to 3.3kW, which is specially designed for single phase systems. These inverters make PV systems in private households especially powerful. The most outstanding characteristic is its weight, which is only 5.3kg. So it can be easily and quickly installed. G3 inverters support 40% overload on DC side. And the efficiency is up to 97.7%. It can meet any challenge found on roofs, ensures maximum solar yields and reduces electricity costs. G3 inverters all support zero exporting function integrated. Its WiFi and GPRS dongles support six months data storage. SOFAR G3 inverters attracted the attention of large numbers of customers were they are showed in the exhibition.

Sineng – EP-3.125MW-HA-UD

When it comes to choose the best inverter solution, you have to consider some specifications- DC/AC side protection, efficiency, real time remote monitoring and control and other advanced functionality such as SVG function, PID control and so on. EP-3.125MW-HA-UD, a utility-scale applicable inverter solution of sineng, comply with all aforementioned specifications and was showcased in REI-2019. Eco-friendly and robust design for a 25 years lifespan makes it suitable for extremely humid or hot areas like Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh of India. It comes with anti-corrosion protection and IP65 for key components such as IGBT module, DC bus capacitor, SMPS for various drive and DSP control board etc.

Compact design and smart control algorithm of 3.125MW inverter give an ease of installation, controlling and monitoring. In means of 3-level topology and smart 2 phase redundant cooling method, the efficiency can be achieved up to 99%, and it can work without derating till 50-degree Celsius. It also features 1500V DC inputs, maximum DC/AC ratio of 1.5, flexible 6.25MW or 12.5MW block design and overload capacity of 115%. All of these characteristics allow this inverter to offer customers with high yields and easy O&M which, in returns, profit the customers with a large amount by optimum LCOE. One of indisputable features is night static var generator (SVG) functionality what helps plant owners utilize inverter efficiently before and even after sunset by injecting controllable reactive power to the grid. Additionally, Inverter also owns negative grounding technology for recovering module PID effect and an auxiliary power supply. Input and output side of the inverter is designed following IEC, EN and other standards so as to secure the highest level of safety for inverters and users.  It is a front maintenance and modular designed device which saves time and is convenient for inspecting and repairing while any fault occurs. To connect to the grid as per IEC and CEA requirements, respectively, it is also featured with anti-islanding, over/under voltage protection and LVRT capability for smooth operation.  It is obvious that this machine is equipped with everything what a plant owner would wish for.

Growatt – MIN 2500-6000TL-X

Growatt’s newly launched inverter MIN 2500-6000TL-X is the highlight at Renewable Energy India Expo 2019. It’s considered as the most up-to-date solution for residential solar plants in the industry. The inverter has modern and compact design, and is very attractive to end users at first glance.

“Our R&D team along with our designers and senior sales engineers has put a large amount of time and energy in developing this new residential inverter. As the climate change is increasingly getting the attention of people around the world, more and more people will go solar and start using solar energy. So our team started to work on this next generation residential solution and aim to lead in the residential sector,” introduced Rucas Wang, Growatt regional sales director.

MIN 2500-6000TL-X adopts integrated top cover case design and there’re no screws on front cover. The design has fewer gaps and provides better protection against water and dust. Aerospace grade materials are used for TL-X, making the inverter light, durable and flame-retardant. It is around 10.8kg, 35% lighter when compared with other old generation inverters.

To achieve better HMI experience, it is designed with OLED display and touch button. OLED display is premium material and consumes less power. Its touch button is more durable and can last over three million clicks. In addition, the inverter has advanced internal deisgn with invisible cable routing. Its patented inductance technology optimized heat dissipation for the inverter. Therefore, the inverter can work under harsh conditions, such as salty air, humidity, high and low temperature etc.

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TL-X has great protection with Type II SPD on DC side, connection protection and optional AFCI. It has two MPP trackers and 1.4 DC/AC ratio. Its string current reaches 12.5A and is compatible with bifacial modules. For system monitoring and remote O&M, customers have multiple options such as WIFI-X, GPRS-X, 4G-X, RF or RS485. With the datalogger installed, customers can have access to Growatt Online Smart Service platform for reporting issues and troubleshooting. MIN 2500-6000TL-X is, no doubt, the leading residential inverter of the solar industry.

SAJ – R5 residential solar inverter

SAJ provides professional distributed solar inverter, energy storage hybrid solar inverter and monitoring solution and solar pumping system. Meanwhile, SAJ solar inverters has been awarded the Top 10 solar inverter brand for five consecutive years. Monthly average shipment of residential solar inverter (1kW-10kw) from SAJ ranks the Top 3 within the solar energy industry in domestic market. With the strategy of local service network, SAJ has more than 20 branch offices and over 80 service centers in China, and its overseas service center has expanded to Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Australia, India, Brazil and other countries. With the superior quality and comprehensive service network, SAJ has successfully applied 1 million sets of products around the world.

SAJ R5 residential solar inverter is featured as safe and efficient, intelligent power generation, etc.Power capacity is single phase 1kw to 8kw,while three phase is from 4kw to 20kw. Among all SAJ R5 series inverters, R5-10K-T2 won the TÜV Rheinland PV Inverter for Home Use [10kw] AQM Award 2018.

Input performance: Start voltage is 180Vdc; minimum input voltage is 150Vdc. This performance will be better under weak light condition and the on-grid power generation time could be prolonged.

Output performance: Applying redundancy design and optimum software algorithm empowers it with 110% max output capacity. 

Thermal stability: It applies integrated die-casting molding and could be operated at extreme -40℃ condition while output will not reduce under high temperature (60℃) environment. 

Conversion efficiency: Innovative MPPT algorithm, with 99.9% MPPT efficiency, maximum conversion efficiency 98.53%. 

Power quality: Applies advanced weak grid adaptive algorithm, making the general harmonic distortion ≤2%.

R5 residential solar inverter Highlights:

  • Lightning protection , High precision leakage monitoring
  • Die-casting case cover , Beautiful & reliable
  • Low standby consumption ,High efficiency (20kw up to 98.8%)
  • Bluetooth APP connection ,All data at real time
  • Remote Maintenance ,Remote Configuration
  • Quiet generation ,No noise pollution
  • Intelligent & Grid-friendly ,Active response to grid dispatch

Ingeteam – SUN 160TL

Ingeteam has been present once again in the main Indian trade show of the renewables sector: Renewable Energy India Expo. This venue was selected to launch its new INGECON® SUN 160TL photovoltaic string inverter. This solar PV inverter offers the possibility of achieving a power output of 160 kWAC in a single 75kg/165lbs unit and is now at the production stage thanks to an order of two hundred units for the Brazilian market.

This new three-phase inverter, featuring 1500 Vdc technology, is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation alike, and is primarily directed at multi-megawatt projects, in other words large-scale solar PV plants.

In addition to its high power density, the inverter’s main features include its high maximum efficiency (99.1%), Wi-Fi and Ethernet and PLC (power line) communications supplied as standard, and advanced grid support functionalities, with low voltage ride-through and reactive power capability.

A further key advantage lies in its significant cost savings potential, given the fact that its high power density means that it is possible to drastically reduce the number of inverters to be installed and, therefore, the total amount of cabling. Furthermore, no connection boxes are required (either in DC or AC) and neither is a neutral cable necessary, thereby reducing the total AC cabling cost by up to 20%. All this leads to huge reductions in capital expenditures (CAPEX).

This inverter also offers lower operating costs, thanks to the Wi-Fi communication which is supplied as standard, making it possible to start-up, monitor and control the PV installation through either a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Furthermore, its string inverter philosophy guarantees minimum potential maintenance requirements, with no need to vacuum the inverter interior or to check the state of the fuses, or the thermal magnetic breaker or torque.

The new Ingeteam inverter can be supplied in two different versions (STD and PRO) in order to adapt to customer needs and to the technical requirements of as many projects as possible. This PV inverter is part of the INGECON® SUN 3Play family which has PV inverters installed in more than 15 countries -India is one of them- and which, up to now, had power outputs of between 20 to 100 kW.

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