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“Aerocompact Is Manufacturing And Supplying Intelligent Solar Racking System With Presence In Over 14 Countries Worldwide”


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In Conversation with Mr. Mathias Muther MBA, CEO of Aerocompact

Tell us more about your company’s products and services. 

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Aerocompact is an Austrian based company founded in 2012. Aerocompact is manufacturing and supplying intelligent solar racking system with presence in over 14 countries worldwide of 1GW supplied and installed racking systems. Aerocompact has joined hands with aluminium extruder Hydro Extrusions India Pvt Ltd located in Bengaluru for manufacturing of the products to cater the requirements of Indian and ASEAN markets. 

Aerocompact has a wide range of products suitable for both rooftop and ground mount solar PV installation. The aluminium based racking products have been developed and patented at the headquarters in Austria to meet the specific market requirements of each geographical locations over the world. Our products are UL certified and designed to withstand severe wind and snow loads and has been tested by undergoing wind tunnel testing. Metal roofs like trapezoidal, corrugated, plain, etc. can be installed with our short rail & long rail system, inclined system, standing seam products.

Our AEROTOOL project software supports in solar PV system design. It is fast, easy and carries detailed analysis of racking system with inbuilt programmed codes and standards of design. Report generated consists of 3D layout, static analysis, bill of materials and other technical details.

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We provide expert solutions and engineering services to support our client in the design and installation of photovoltaic systems. Our aerodynamically optimized racking give security and mechanical stability require for projects.

What potential did you see in the Indian market?   

India is very important market for us with lots of potential for solar installation. The Govt of India is promoting solar with an ambitious target of 100GW installation of which 40GW from rooftop segment. Only 10% of rooftop target has achieved till date making it more lucrative market for us.

Govt of India has recently boosted residential rooftop subsidy policy. This has opened residential segment and we look forward to supply lot of residential projects.

How different is German market from that of the Indian market?

We have been supplying products in European, USA, Asian and Middle East market. Every market has its own set of specifications and criteria for accepting the products. Indian market is very price sensitive and at the same time looks for quality products. Whereas, European and USA market are quality and delivery sensitive markets. Middle East is quality and aesthetic sensitive market.

Our product qualifies every market sensitivity parameters. To comply with the price parameter of India, we are manufacturing in India. This gives upper hand to Indian clients for accepting our brand.

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What makes Aerocompact different from the other brands present in the Indian market?

Aerocompact is the only racking solution provider in Indian market whose rooftop products are patented, UL certified and wind tunnel tested with 25years of warranty on our products.

AEROTOOL an integrated software gives added advantage for our clients to develop the complete solar system and carrying out design calculations along with bill of materials.

What are your plans for the Indian market?

We have launched our metal roof products line in India and are getting manufactured in India. We are accepting orders for the delivery in January 2020 and onwards. By the end of first month of next year, we are launching our product line for flat roof and ground mount systems.

We are also developing system for elevated rooftop and DIY kit for residential and small projects below 10kWp with a launching plan of March 2020 for India.

The complete rooftop and ground mount portfolio shall start to manufacture in India by March 2020.

We are looking for distributors with good market reach and own warehouse facilities to build the distribution network on PAN India basis. We are planning to appoint distributors for both large scale, small scale and residential segments initially for 5 states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Delhi NCR, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu.

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Our goal is to bring in at least 20 MW of business from rooftop solar in the next six months in India.

Our long term plan is to setup technical team in India to support with the design and layouts for ASEAN, Middle East and African market.

What is the Vision of your company?

Our vision is that all Aerocompact customers can make their investments safely and without technical limitations. The brand stands for intelligent solar racking that fulfils the highest international safety requirements in Software and Hardware. We want to become the leading supplier of racking systems in India.

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