Sandbar Solar & Electric Selected as a Pre-Qualified Vendor for MBCP’s UPS Fund Program


 In June 2020, Sandbar Solar & Electric was selected as a pre-qualified vendor for the Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) funding program. 


The goal of the MBCP UPS program is to provide reduced cost financing to support backup power for public and private entities operating critical facilities that are impacted by Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events. With $20 million allocated to support public sector organizations, those who qualify can acquire available technologies, such as solar PV, battery energy storage systems (BESS), and more.


Sandbar Solar & Electric President, Scott Laskey, shares his enthusiasm for the program: “MBCP’s UPS program makes energy resiliency more financially attainable for critical facilities in our community. We are honored to be chosen as a pre-qualified vendor for this generous MBCP program. Our company has extensive experience with energy resiliency projects for large-scale commercial operations, and our knowledgeable team is ready to help organizations prepare for public safety power shutoff events, which are happening with increasing frequency.”

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In order to be included as a pre-qualified vendor, Sandbar Solar & Electric underwent a Request for Qualifications process that included an interview and extensive examination of the company’s history, experience, and references. Of all the companies that underwent this qualification process, Sandbar Solar & Electric is the only local company to be selected for the program. With its 11,500 square foot headquarters facility operating solely with power supplied by a microgrid — a combination of PV panels, energy storage system, and a natural gas generator — Sandbar Solar & Electric understands the importance of energy resiliency.

Scott summarizes: “We are looking forward to helping organizations that select us as their trusted vendor for their energy resiliency project through this funding program.”

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