MNRE Allows Exemption Of BIS Certification


All India Solar Industries Association (AISIA), New Delhi has conveyed that COVID 19 disruption has posed serious challenges for the survival of domestic solar industry, and sought extension of the BIS certification exemption till the validity of IEC certificates for their products (SPV Modules).


Regarding the same, the ministry  allowed exemption for BIS registration to such module manufacturers till the validity of IEC certificates corresponding to the Indian Standards specified in the said order provided the IEC certificates for SPV Modules which had been obtained before 16.04.2018. 


These manufacturers will be required to go compulsorily for BIS registration after the validity of IEC Certificates is over.


The Central Government had issued “Solar Photovoltaics, Systems, Devices and Components Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2017  on dated 5th September 2017 for six products included in the Schedule with the date of coming into force with effect from 5th September 2018. And after having discussions with the various stakeholders including the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the date of coming into force of the said Order was advanced to 16th April 2018 on the condition of self-certification by manufacturers for products  till 30th June, 2018. Further the date was extended to 4th September 2018. 

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The module manufacturers whose annual module production capacity is less than 50MW were exempted for BIS certification for two years till 4.09.2020 provided they had a valid IEC Certificate (either 2005 or 2016) for the period, or for the period for which IEC certificate was valid, whichever is earlier and who provided the IEC certificate which had been obtained before 16.04.2018. 

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