REC Group Powers Telefónica To A Carbon-Neutral Future


REC Group, an international pioneering solar energy company headquartered in Norway, announces a major new flagship installation: REC Alpha solar panels have transformed the rooftop of the National Control Center of Telefónica, one of the world’s largest telecom operators, into a solar power plant. The 261.3 kW installation in the Arevaca district of Madrid, completed by Madrid-based REC Certified Solar Professional partner IDNA, went into operation in December 2020 and is expected to deliver 420 MWh of clean solar power per year. Obtained through fossil fuels, this amount of energy would otherwise produce 79.8t of CO2 emissions.


Rooftop installation with REC Alpha solar panels transforms Telefónica Control Hub in Madrid into a solar powerhouse


Stunning installation generates 30% of energy needs
With its 598 REC Alpha 72 solar panels, the new installation will power the vital operations of Telefónica’s control hub in Spain, and will generate 30% of the entire electricity needed. Project turnaround was superfast. Within three weeks of bolting the first panel on the rooftop, the entire installation was complete. The appearance cannot truly be appreciated from ground level – but drone footage is available to provide a bird’s eye view of the REC Alpha panels lining the multilevel rooftop.

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REC Group: the natural choice for the Telefónica project
The installation is the work of Madrid-based IDNA SL (Investigación y Desarrollo de Nuevas Alternativas). With over 20 years’ experience in the solar industry – and a steady stream of creative projects to showcase its expertise – IDNA is a strong REC partner. “We are thrilled to be part of REC’s Certified Solar Professional Program, with its benefits for installers and end-customers alike,” says Edelmiro Castro, Shareholder and external Board Member of IDNA. “For this key project, we were looking for the best products in the market and a widely recognized partner in the industry that can supply them. REC was a natural choice.”


An industry-leading power density– with 25-year security
IDNA also cites the warranty and panel efficiency of the REC Alpha Series key benefits: with a module efficiency of up to 21.3% and maximum yearly power degradation of only 0.25%, REC panels offer clear advantages to make the most out of rooftop space. As an REC Certified Solar Professional installer, IDNA can offer the premium REC ProTrust Warranty, which for this system covers product and performance for 25 years, plus a 10 year labor warranty. Also noteworthy is that in year 25, the REC Alpha panels will continue to deliver at least 92% of its original nameplate power.

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Reinhard Lampe, Vice President Sales and Marketing Europe REC Group, adds: “REC is delighted that Telefónica and IDNA recognize the importance of long-term reliability from solar panels and their manufacturer, identifying REC Alpha as the product to power them in this landmark installation for decades to come. We are excited to being part of Telefónica’s commitment to leading the way on renewable energy.”

Aim: fully carbon-neutral by 2030
The new REC Alpha installation is the latest move in Telefónica’s wider strategy to become fully carbon-neutral by 2030. For seven years on the run, Telefónica has been on the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) “A List” of companies leading the way to a sustainable future. In 2019 – even before the new project – 100% of the electricity that Telefónica consumed in Europe was from renewable sources.* Óscar Candiles, Director of Strategy and Wholesale Business at Telefónica Spain, affirms that “Sustainability is one of the main pillars of Telefónica Spain’s strategic plan. Using our landmark CNSO building also as a solar power plant demonstrates our commitment to clean energy and digitization, and is a good example of what we must do, for ourselves and for our customers. We are very proud of this project, and of course, very grateful to REC Group and IDNA for making it possible.”

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REC’s premium solar panels already play a key role in Telefónica projects: in another cooperation with IDNA and REC, retail outlets of Telefónica brand Movistar now feature an in-store presence of REC branding and material to make it easier than ever for end customers to get solar power into their homes. And with the Madrid rooftop installation now connected, the Telefónica Group will continue to demonstrate its commitment as a green company, and leverage the business opportunities of solar power.

REC Alpha solar panels installed on rooftop of Telefónica Control Hub in Madrid
REC Alpha solar panels installed on rooftop of Telefónica Control Hub in Madrid

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