NTPC Launched 25 MW Floating Solar Plant in Vizag


National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) launched the 25 MW floating solar power plant in its water storagereservoir the Simhadri unit as part of its diversification into the solar segment.


The project is being developed in resorvoir spread over 150 acres. The first 5 MW block was completed and inaugurated by head of the unit, Diwakar Kaushik.


Addressing a media conference, Group General Manager of NTPC’s Simhadri plant, A R Maiti, said the NTPC Simhadri had four units (of 500 MWs each) and the plant was operating at 70.98 plant load factor this yearas against last year’s 67.2 per cent.


With a budget of Rs 110 crore, the floating solar panels are being installed, covering about 150 acres of the water surface, over the Raw Water Reservoir of the NTPC Vizag. The floating PV panels are tied through marine ropes from all corners and it is considered to be an engineering marvel due to the challenges faced during design and implementation of unique anchoring and mooring system.

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It is expected to complete the balance works by June 2021 and full 25 MW will be made available to the grid, Kaushik added. Power flow of more than 2 MW was witnessed with present solar irrdiance, he said.

The project once commissioned, the power plant will be capable of supplying 25 MW per hour in proper sunlight. With the magnitude of resources and expertise investment, the authorities at NTPC Simhadri claim that the resultant structure shall be one of the largest floating solar power plants in the country.

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