DNV’s GreenPowerMonitor Launches World’s Most Innovative Solution For Stabilizing Power Networks


GreenPowerMonitor, DNV’s integrated solution provider for the management and maintenance of renewable power installations, today launches the world’s most advanced solution to guard against power fluctuations in electricity grids. GPM Power Oscillation Damping (GPM POD) reduces oscillation and makes power transfer more stable, while reducing additional costs and supporting grid operators to meet regulations that ensure our power networks are ready to underpin the clean-energy transition.


Increased renewable generation and large, complex power networks means that different parts of the grid are not always perfectly synchronized, which can cause the power to fluctuate. To guard against fluctuations in power supply, traditional power grids have synchronous generators which can help mitigate oscillations due to their inertia. However, with the increasing penetration of inverter-dominated renewable power plants, the power grids inertia is decreasing. This can reduce the quality of the power and makes the network susceptible to power cuts.


Unlike conventional inverter POD control, the GPM POD functionality uses the power plants centralized control to perform the control directly, eliminating the need for extra equipment, which saves money for grid operators, which can stretch to hundreds of thousands of euros.

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“Today’s power grids are increasingly complex and more demanding. Our innovative new solution helps grid operators to meet regulations by ensuring grids are ready to integrate the large influx of renewable energy. Stable grid infrastructure will underpin the energy transition and our new POD capability will ensure the energy mix in our grids is a green as possible.” said Juan Carlos Arévalo, Director for Green Power Monitoring and Solutions, DNV.

More information about GPM PPC’s power oscillation damping capability is presented in a technical whitepaper, The future of grid stability: Advancements in power oscillation damping. The results are based on dynamic Power System State Estimation (PSSE) simulations using the Abril plant parameters. The case study is based on the National Technical Systems (NTS) regulations, the inverter model was user defined and the PV plant is controlled by the GPM PPC. The full paper is available to download for free here.

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