Renewable Energy Projects in Kuwait


According to a report by Al-Rai daily, in partnership with the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy, The Minister of State for Municipal Affairs and Minister of State for Housing and Urban Development (Shaya Al-Shaya) formed a task force for Housing Welfare (PAHW) in the Public Authority to study and approve the authority’s renewable energy projects.


Members of the task force are Badour Al-Sharrah, Bassem Al-Mislim, and Khaled Al-Rashidi, and Faisal Mulla Ali, Yasmine Al-Hashemi, Rahaf Al-Otaibi.

The tasks of the task force comprises of follow-up study and review of all plans, design, and implementation, specifications, studies, reports, and materials of the solar photovoltaic system, for each project of PAHW distinctly.


The tasks also comprise of approval of the subcontractor for solar energy works of each PAHW project separately, by representatives of the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy, according to the list of companies approved by the ministry, and submitting the final plans for the solar PV system for each project of PAHW, for approval by representatives of the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy.

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In addition, the following up, studying, and approving all other renewable energy systems in the PAHW’s projects, setting up a mechanism for receiving and inspecting projects that have been completed, and keeping pace with any development in the requirements and laws of renewable energy systems affiliated to the Ministry of Electricity, to be applied in PAHW’s future projects.

To prepare a structured system and carry out its meeting under the presence of the majority of its members and as per the regulations of the employment affairs department.

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