UAE And Pakistan Signs MoU For Environment Protection At COP26


UAE and Pakistan signs an agreement for cooperation in climate change mitigation, renewable energy, drought management, climate-smart agriculture, capacity building, environmental education, and environment protection.


Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri, Minister of Climate Change and the Environment, and Malik Amin Aslam, Minister for Climate Change and Special Assistant to the PM of Pakistan, signed the MoU at 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26).

Almheiri said, “In line with the forward-looking vision of its wise leadership, the UAE is keen to build bridges of cooperation with all countries in the face of global challenges, and views multilateral diplomacy as a strategic priority of its future agenda. The UAE and Pakistan enjoy long-standing collaboration across multiple sectors, such as education, health, energy, infrastructure development, food security, and the environment. The new MoU will help us tackle climate change together through boosting mitigation and adaptation capabilities and conserving environmental resources and biodiversity.”


Amin Aslam said, “We are pleased to take our already strong bilateral ties with the UAE to new heights. Through the agreement, we hope to drive joint efforts in safeguarding terrestrial and marine environments and fight climate change through upscaling mitigation and adaptation measures. The MoU will enable us to capitalize on successful experiences and models in climate-smart agriculture, renewable energy solutions, and scientific research to build a better future for the current and next generations.”

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Both the countries will launch expand the existing ecosystem restoration initiatives and also launch new one to promote the objectives of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

Also, the two countries will promote ecotourism and desert tourism, adopt climate-smart agricultural practices and renewable energy solutions, run training programmes for environmental and climate specialists, develop drought management plans, and roll out marine ecosystem conservation and blue carbon initiatives.

Pakistan and UAE will exchange information for educational institutions on climate change and will support the implementation of innovative ideas and projects stemming from academia, with hosting joint environmental research.

They will share required experience, knowledge, publications, exchange visits to explore technical aspects of climate-smart practices and zero-emission technologies. Both the countries will work together with regional and global environmental protection organizations to meet environmental agreements keeping mutual interests in mind.


  1. This will become more effective and carry out best result. UAE has vast scope for Solar Power Generation. And they have money to take positive action.
    Hope for the best.
    GK M Jafarullah
    NB: Do you have so much Solar Oriented Technical Man Power to design & implements as you are taking lots of projects at a time. Just I wonder, how do you manage all those projects under one umbrella?

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