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Trina Solar’s 100% Bankability and Vertex Modules Fully Proved By International Authorities


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Trina Solar chairman Gao Jifan discussed innovations in energy technologies and the development path for the PV industry at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance (NEF) conference in Shanghai attended by international organizations and PV manufacturers. 

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At the summit, the world’s leading independent PV testing lab PVEL and assessment organization DNV took a deep dive into examining the reason for Trina Solar’s 100%  bankability: the superior performance of the innovative high-power PV modules has been fully recognized. 

Gao Jifan, Chairman of Trina Solar

Gao noted that PV power generation, energy storage, extra-high voltage, and digitization across the energy industry are the four keys to achieving carbon neutrality and that innovation in photovoltaic  

technologies is an important pathway. Since 2020, Trina Solar has taken the lead in developing innovative 210 series ultra-high power modules, a new generation of PV  products that combine high reliability, high power generation and high value. As of  June 30, Trina Solar’s photovoltaic modules shipped worldwide can produce 104  billion kilowatt hours of clean energy over their lifetime, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by a total of 104 million tons, equivalent to planting 5.7 billion trees. With its outstanding brand value and product reliability, Trina Solar has scored 100% in the BloombergNEF bankability survey for six consecutive years so far. 

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BloombergNEF, one of the most credible third-party research institutions in the global new energy market, conducts a survey among banks, funds, EPCs (engineering,  procurement and construction companies) and power plants worldwide every year on the bankability of modules brands, and produces a report that is seen as an invaluable reference for business credit at many financial institutions. In 2021, Trina  Solar – one of the only three module brands – was once again awarded 100%  bankability by all survey respondents, indicating that Trina Solar’s modules are more likely to help developers obtain bank financing and that the global financial market and solar industry are confident in the reliability and system value of Trina Solar’s high-power modules. 

PVEL recognizes the superior performance of Trina Solar’s high-power  modules 

PV Evolution Labs (PVEL), the world’s leading PV module reliability and performance testing laboratory. At the summit, Tristan Erion Lorico, head of PVEL’s PV module business, said that the 210 ultra-high power modules demonstrated excellent reliability in PVEL’s Product Qualification Program (PQP), resulting in zero micro-cracks of a dual-glass bifacial module after mechanical stress sequence (MSS) and thermal cycling (TC) tests. PVEL publishes the scorecard report on PV module reliability annually, which is also a key reference adopted by BloombergNEF’s annual bankability report.

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Zhang Yingbin, head of product strategy and marketing at Trina Solar

Zhang Yingbin, head of product strategy and marketing at Trina Solar, gave a  detailed presentation on the reliability and power generation performance of the 210  series modules. Trina Solar has, in association with third-party organizations,  conducted serial rigorous tests, including non-uniform snow-load tests, extreme low temperature mechanical load tests, hail tests, extreme dynamic mechanical load  (DML) tests and extreme wind tunnel tests; achieving an across-the-board  

verification of the excellent mechanical load reliability of the 600W+ Vertex modules. 

Nextracker has finished a series of tests with Trina Solar, which demonstrates the full compatibility and high reliability of Vertex 210 series modules. Nextracker has a  variety of tracker products that are fully compatible with Vertex 210 series modules.  

Trina Solar is an industry pioneer regarding module size standardization. Now that  210 series modules are the industry standard, it benefits the downstream industry chain. 

In addition, DNV shared the advantages of Trina Solar’s high-power modules with regards to the lower balance of system (BOS) and lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE). Previous calculations conducted by Fraunhofer ISE, the largest solar research institute in Europe, and Enertis, an independent global full range consulting and engineering firm for renewable energy projects and storage solutions, show that 600W+ series modules outperform other  modules in terms of system value. 

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