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Hanoi Meat Processing Factory Uses Energy Efficient Solutions


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Hanoi Meat Processing Factory has always been interested in energy saving, efficient use, and utilization of renewable energy sources including solar power, contributing to environmental protection. Besides, always encourage employees to propose ideas and energy-saving projects that bring high efficiency in use and save great energy. The factory has applied many measures to reduce fuel consumption in the production process. Specifically, in the stages, the production line is reasonably arranged with modern technology to both meet the production needs and ensure the optimum economical and efficient operation of various types of raw materials and energy such as electricity and water.

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Annually, the Factory performs an energy audit, through the audit council, the consumption level is determined and the stages with an abnormal increase will be reviewed and discovered the cause for taking measures. In addition, for each energy-saving worker, saving input materials has become a habit. Before each production shift, workers spend 5 minutes discussing the use of conveyor belts and machines for maximum efficiency, machines that consume a lot of energy will limit operation during peak hours.

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In order to create an image with customers of an enterprise that is responsible to the community and society, Hanoi Meat Processing Factory has promoted strengthening internal management, installing inverters for equipment, recovering condensate after equipment using indirect steam, installing solar power systems.

Mr. Sakchai Chatchaisopon – Director of the Hanoi Meat Products Processing Factory said, “From the moment it was put into production, the factory has focused on applying advanced technology and green solutions to help cut energy consumption. Accordingly, the energy department was established with the purpose of controlling and supporting the management and use of energy sources in a rational, economical and efficient manner. This team has helped the plant find and deliver technology and management solutions to further improve energy efficiency.”

To use energy sensibly, a series of projects and solutions have been launched. Typically, the application of inverter technology to industrial refrigeration systems, recovery of heat sources from wastewater for production, or changing fuel for boiler systems… These solutions help the plant save energy costs and cut a large amount of CO2 emissions into the environment.

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In addition to the implemented solutions that bring great energy savings, the factory is currently researching and perfecting the cold heat recovery system in the production process to reuse for the refrigeration system. The technology is expected to go into operation in February 2022. It can be seen that the factory’s bold investment and application of energy-saving solutions not only help to reduce production costs and improve product quality but also limits environmental pollution. This is considered as one of the right investment directions to help businesses develop sustainably and increase competitiveness in the market.

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