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Karnataka Renewable Energy Policy Gets Green Flag From State Cabinet


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The Karnataka State Government’s Cabinet has approved the Karnataka Renewable Energy (RE) Policy for the year 2022-2027, which calls for the development of the state as a Centre of renewable energy production and the manufacture of renewable energy technology.

According to the policy, Karnataka will have a renewable power generating capacity of 10 GW during the next five years. Rooftop solar alone is expected to account for at least 1 GW by 2027. The state now has a renewable energy generating capacity of 15,392 MW.

The proposed strategy also envisions the formation of a market for the balanced expansion of storage capacity, which will aid in the increase in renewable energy output.

This is also intended to improve power supply dependability by assuring 24X7 availability of renewable energy and adding to the load factor of renewable energy facilities.

Numerous renewable energy parks, along with several hybrids, will be built in Karnataka. Further, there will also be an emphasis on floating solar power projects and hybrid power producing units in hydel stations in the state.

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The RE Policy has placed a focus on the state’s economic development through luring investments in the renewable industry. It intends to maximize electricity output in order to export renewable energy to other states in a major amount.

Additionally, Karnataka plans to have sole green power corridors with increased private sector engagement, thereby escalating power evacuation from such corridors.

Karnataka’s Chief Minister, Basavaraj Bommai, has stated that the state is promoting solar research. A crucial component that has likely gone unmentioned is the possibility of the state taking the lead in investing in massive batteries to store surplus energy output, particularly if it sees possibilities for exports to neighbouring states.

Karnataka is already a power surplus state, with renewables accounting for more than half of the energy basket, according to Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd.

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