A Subsidiary Of SCG Cement-Building Materials Company Launches EV Charging With Solar Carport

Susunn by SCG Ceramics

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A subsidiary of SCG Cement-Building Materials Company, SCG Ceramics Plc, under the brand name Susunn brand, launches electric vehicle charging and solar carport installation service. This is a step toward shifting toward clean energy.


Nampol Malichai is the managing director of Susunn Smart Solution Company. He said that the firm initially targets customers in industrial estates and other projects due to potential growth in clean energy demand.

SCG Ceramics expanded into the renewable energy sector last year. Especially solar energy is now operated under the Susunn name.

Susunn Smart Solution provides design and consulting services, as well as the installation and distribution of renewable power generation systems.

“We expect the EV industry to grow quickly in Thailand, leading to more demand for infrastructure such as EV charging facilities,” said Mr Nampol.

Susunn Smart Solution believes that the government’s electric vehicle incentives package will support the Thai market during a time of rising oil prices. Higher fuel prices can also be a benefit to EV-related companies.

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The company is currently in negotiations with the government and other business sectors that are interested in its products or services.

The DC Fast Charge, which charges vehicles in just 30-45 minutes, is available from the company. All types of EVs can be charged with chargers.

A solar panel system powers the solar carport. It can hold two vehicles. This will cut down 30,000 baht a year of electricity bills. The carport can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 4,400kg carbon dioxide equivalent per annum.

SCG Ceramics plans to also install solar panels for customers, particularly factory owners located on industrial estates. The company aims to produce 20-30 megawatts of electricity per industrial estate.

SCG Ceramics had announced earlier this year that it would sell 100 rai land at its Nong Khae Industrial Estate. This estate covers a total 500 rai in Saraburi.

According to the company, it is in contact with potential investors interested in investing in this industrial area.

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