BHEL Issues Tender For O&M Of 5 MW Solar Power Project In Tamil Nadu


For the operation and maintenance (O&M) of a 5 MW solar power plant at its facility in Ranipet, Tamil Nadu, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) has issued a request for proposals. The O&M contract has a two-year term.


The deadline for bid submissions is January 30, 2023, and bids will be revealed also on the same day.


Earnest money deposits of Rs. 111,845 must be submitted by bidders.


As per BHEL, micros and small enterprises (MSEs) would be given precedence when making purchases. If L-1 is not an MSE and the MSE service provider has proposed a price that is within L-1+ 15% of margin, then the MSE bidder will be given 100% of the order quantity if the L1 bid price is accepted.


If there are delays, the contractor will be required to incur liquidated damages at a rate of 0.5% of the specific balance of quantity (BOQ) value for each week of delay or a portion thereof, up to a maximum of 10% of the particular BOQ value.

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Bidders must have completed three similar projects totaling no less than Rs. 2.236 million, 2 comparable projects with each valuing no less than Rs. 2.796 million, or 3 comparable projects each valuing no less than Rs. 4.473 million within the previous 7 years.

Additionally, bidders must have successfully completed at least one project worth 80% of the estimated bid value, 2 orders worth 50% of the assessed project value, or 3 orders worth 40% of the bid value each within the previous 3 years.

The reference project(s) should be for any public sector undertaking, central or state government organization, or publicly traded company, according to the tender.

A minimum 11 kV substation, the installation and commissioning of 11 kV and above HT electrical works, O&M of a renewable energy station with an operating voltage of 11 kV or higher, or the O&M of an 11 kV and above HT substation within the previous 7 years are all considered “similar works” under the terms of the tender.

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Further, bidders must also possess an electrical license issued in their own name by Tamil Nadu’s state energy authority.

In any 3 of the previous 5 fiscal years, the average financial turnover of bidders must have been at least Rs. 1.6 million.

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