China May Restrict Exports of Solar Technologies


China may impose new export restrictions on solar manufacturing technologies in order to increase its global leadership in the sector.


China’s Ministry of Commerce will ban the export of 24 technologies and place restrictions for another 115.


According to China’s Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Science and Technology, they have proposed changes to the catalogue of export restricted technologies. This could include a ban on or restriction of exporting technology that is related to the production of solar wafers.


It states, “This revision plans to delete 32 technical items, modify 36 items, and add 7 new items. After the revision, the “Catalogue” has a total of 139 items, including 24 items that are prohibited from exporting and 115 items that are restricted from exporting. This revision substantially cuts down on the “Catalogue”, refines the control points of some technical items, and creates positive conditions for strengthening international technical cooperation.”


China is home to about 80% manufacturing in crucial solar technologies. A revision may not affect the supply of solar but will limit the technology exports, as the licence will be required for the import and export of technologies of the restricted category.

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The manufacturer will have to apply for provincial licenses and the export license has to be granted to the equipment manufacturer.

Recently MNRE has updated the Approved List of Models and Module Manufacturers (ALMM). It added 14 solar module manufacturing companies to the list. The revised list includes 89 module producers with around 20 GW of module capacity. So far, there are no Chinese module suppliers that have been enlisted under ALMM.

View ALMM list below:

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