Sunpure’s Intelligent PV Robotic Cleaning System Showcased at Photovoltaic Workshop


Dr. David Zhang, the CTO of Sunpure, was recently invited to present at the “Photovoltaic (PV) Robot Cleaning” workshop, where he showcased Sunpure’s cutting-edge intelligent PV robotic cleaning system and discussed the latest industry trends. His presentation attracted significant attention and received many compliments from attendees.


Dr. Zhang highlighted the design details and product advantages of Sunpure’s intelligent cleaning robot, which provides a full Automated Robotic Cleaning System solution instead of an automated machine. He emphasized that the company’s solution is not just about hardware reliability, but also focuses on software technology, including end terminals, the communication system, and the cloud platform.

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Sunpure’s robot is equipped with a self-developed SmartPure cloud platform, wind protection system, and harsh weather detection and Fail-Safe Control, making it adaptable to different environments globally and ensuring its integration with solar trackers.


Dr. Zhang expressed his gratitude to the Qatar Environment & Energy Research Institute for hosting Sunpure at the event. The national research institute aims to support Qatar in addressing its grand challenges related to energy, water, and environment.

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