Kahramaa Signs MoU With Qatar Foundation’s Earthna Centre To Support Sustainability Efforts


Kahramaa or Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation, represented by the Tarsheed or National Programme for Conservation and Energy Efficiency has signed a memorandum of understanding with Qatar Foundation’s Earthna Centre.


According to Kahramaa, the partnership is intended to support sustainability efforts. At Kahramaa headquarters, Ahmed al-Nasr, Kahramaa’s technical director for technical affairs, and Dr. Gonzalo Castro de la Mata, the executive director of Earthna signed the memorandum.

This memorandum will help to develop public policies in Qatar related to electricity, water sustainability, and energy efficiency. It focuses on 10 key items that will help to develop innovative research projects and methods to reduce the consumption of electricity, water resources, and harmful carbon emissions.


This memorandum will allow the parties to improve their joint work and create a strategy for reviewing the energy and water efficiency of existing buildings in the country. This will be done by launching a series of initiatives in the residential, commercial, and governmental sectors such as the environment-friendly schools initiative and hotels that are eligible for the green keys.

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This memorandum provides guidelines for the development of the required standards for buildings, as well as the declared regulations (energy efficiency rationalization code and best practices guide), which were developed by Earthna. It also contains an action plan for announcing the creation of the E3 building rationalization certificate.

It is recommended that two annual capacity-building classes be held for employees who are interested in energy efficiency in different sectors. They will also prepare reports on carbon trading and greenhouse gas emissions. Kahramaa’s Director Engineer of the Conservation and Energy Efficiency Department, Rashid al-Rahimi stated that Tarsheed’s message was to improve the efficiency of Qatar’s water and electricity usage by spreading regulations, technologies, and culture to rationalize to create a positive environment and achieve a successful social partner.

Mishaal Al-Shammari, Earthna’s Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships Senior Director Engineer, stated that the centre’s efforts are focused on intellectual leadership in making sustainable policies. Al-Shammari stated that sustainability and renewable energy are of particular interest to the centre. He also said that they make maximum use of new technologies and practices and apply them in sustainable sectors.

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