GoodWe Launches EcoSmarTour to Promote Sustainability and Smart Energy


GoodWe has unveiled a new initiative called “EcoSmarTour” with the aim of promoting sustainability within society. Taking inspiration from bees, the project endeavors to act as a catalyst in the smart energy industry and raise awareness about environmental issues among diverse groups of people.


Building upon their successful Roadshow, which has been offering flexible technical training to solar industry partners for several years, the EcoSmarTour seeks to expand its reach and engage individuals from various backgrounds and professions. By visiting different locations with their show truck, GoodWe aims to inspire people about the significance of renewable energy and sustainable practices.

Bees play a vital role in the ecosystem by facilitating pollination, which helps maintain a diverse range of species. Their pollination of plants ensures the production of food for animals and humans while sustaining the balance of the ecosystem. Interestingly, bees cover a distance of around 160 kilometers daily as they fulfill their vital role, essentially embarking on an “EcoTour” throughout their lifespan.

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Likewise, GoodWe aims to play a substantial role in supporting the smart energy community and achieving carbon neutrality. The company’s commitment to a greener future mirrors the bees’ contribution to the interconnected web of life within the ecosystem. GoodWe strives to lead the way in constructing an intelligent and eco-friendly energy network that challenges conventional practices and generates a positive impact on the world.


The EcoSmarTour project presents an innovative approach to bringing the benefits of solar energy to individuals and businesses across various industries. By collaborating with different sectors, GoodWe intends to disseminate the message of sustainability and contribute to the global goal of achieving carbon neutrality. Collaboration between diverse sectors brings together a wide range of perspectives, expertise, and resources, resulting in more effective solutions for a greener future.

The project serves as a testament to GoodWe’s dedication to sustainability and their belief in the power of collaboration. While still in its early stages, the EcoSmarTour has already garnered interest from partners in different industries and sectors. To kickstart the project, GoodWe has partnered with an NGO to adopt a beehive in Munich, supporting local bee protection and the preservation of biodiversity.

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Starting with bee conservation, the company aims to establish a network of partners who share their vision of a sustainable future and a collective value chain. With the support of these partners, GoodWe believes that the EcoSmarTour can expedite the energy transition towards a more sustainable future. The company eagerly anticipates the opportunities and collaborations with all stakeholders on this journey towards a greener future.

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