Chinese Ambassador to Vietnam Xiong Bo Visited the Vietnam Manufacturing Base of JA Solar


During a visit to the Vietnam Manufacturing Base of JA Solar, the Chinese Ambassador to Vietnam, Xiong Bo, commended the remarkable strides made by JA Solar in terms of innovative development. Highlighting the positive trajectory of the China-Vietnam relationship, Ambassador Xiong emphasized the opportunity for enterprises to leverage both domestic and international markets, as well as tap into Vietnam’s outward-oriented free trade system. He urged businesses, including JA Solar, to capitalize on these advantages to contribute significantly to the deepening cooperation and mutual development between China and Vietnam.


JA Solar, a renowned solar energy company, has established its manufacturing base in Vietnam. This move allows the company to leverage Vietnam’s favorable trade environment and highly outward-oriented economy. With a focus on innovation, JA Solar has achieved notable advancements in the solar industry, bolstering its position as a leading player. The Chinese Ambassador’s visit further solidified the recognition of JA Solar’s accomplishments and highlighted the potential for collaboration between the two countries in the renewable energy sector.

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