Quantum Power Asia Commits To Developing Extensive Solar Power Projects In Nusantara Capital City

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Quantum Power Asia Pte Ltd (Quantum) has expressed its enthusiasm for developing and financing extensive solar power projects (PLTS) in Nusantara Capital City (IKN) to facilitate the city’s transition to a net-zero status by 2045.


During a visit to IKN, Quantum’s Managing Director and CEO, Simon G. Bell, affirmed their commitment to supporting the development of Nusantara and promoting clean energy technology.


Quantum aims to act as a catalyst for Indonesia’s clean energy transition, from greening the nickel supply chain to reducing carbon emissions in the mining sector.


The visit to Indonesia’s new capital city was a collaborative effort between various institutions in Indonesia and Singapore, involving companies in energy, transportation, logistics, healthcare, property, and finance.

Quantum’s entry into large-scale PLTS projects in Nusantara will increase its active project portfolio in Indonesia to over 5 GWp, resulting in a direct capital investment of US$7 billion.

Additionally, Quantum is involved in a 3.5 GWp PLTS project, a 1 GW solar PV panel manufacturing plant, and an export project for clean electricity. Their commitment to purchasing solar panels made in Indonesia further supports their “Indonesia First” principle.

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As panel quality and competitiveness improve, Quantum and its partners plan to utilize Indonesian-made panels for international projects. Ultimately, this collaboration will contribute to the establishment of a GW-scale solar PV panel manufacturing plant in Indonesia, fostering the expansion of the country’s solar PV industry.

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