Ministry Of Energy Of Cyprus Streamlines Licensing Procedures For Renewable Energy Projects

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The Ministry of Energy, Trade, and Industry (YEEB) of Cyprus has unveiled its efforts to enhance and digitize the licensing procedures for renewable energy projects in a bid to foster a more efficient and investor-friendly environment. During the session, the Council of Ministers designated the Business Facilitation Unit (MDE) of the YEEB as the “One-Stop-Shop” for handling the licensing process of these projects.


The MDE will now act as the primary point of contact for applicants throughout the licensing process, offering comprehensive support including information, coordination, guidance, and facilitation of all administrative procedures. Applicants are encouraged to engage with the MDE for any queries or coordination purposes with other relevant services, departments, and licensing authorities.

The licensing process for renewable energy projects covers various stages, from the initial application submission to the final notification of results. This includes obtaining the necessary administrative licenses and approvals mandated by existing legislation for project construction, installation, upgrading, and operation. Additionally, it encompasses the administrative procedures required to secure approvals or licenses for the construction of infrastructure to connect these renewable energy projects to the transmission or distribution network.

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To expedite the licensing of renewable energy projects and reduce bureaucratic hurdles, the YEEB has initiated several measures. The European Commission is providing technical assistance to simplify the licensing procedures, with a focus on mapping and streamlining the existing processes. Furthermore, within the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, the development of a “Digital One Stop Shop” online platform is underway. This platform will enable the electronic submission and processing of applications for both the licensing of renewable energy projects and building renovations. The first phase of the online platform is expected to be operational by the end of July 2023, with plans for regular upgrades and dynamic functionality.

While awaiting the full implementation of the electronic platform, the YEEB has informed the public that applications for commercial renewable energy projects, which have already secured the designated block for investment, can be submitted via email.

These advancements aim to streamline the licensing procedures, reduce processing times, and align with the revised National Action Plan on Energy and Climate, which sets more ambitious goals. Ultimately, the Ministry of Energy envisions creating a conducive environment for investors and accelerating the transition to renewable energy in the country.

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