Sineng Electric – A DNV-Endorsed Bankable Brand, Demonstrating Excellence in Product Design and Performance


DNV, the world-leading provider of testing, certification and technical advisory services, has recently released a comprehensive bankability report of Sineng Electric after the exhaustive evaluation of its string, central and PCS inverters. The assessment covers every facet of product design, quality, performance and reliability, reaffirming the company’s steadfast pursuit of excellence.


With the rigorous scrutiny of financials, technical features, product quality, supply chain, manufacturing capacity, after-sales service and other criteria, the report provides valuable insights for decision-making and serves as an authoritative reference for international investors, EPC companies, and other stakeholders when selecting the inverter brand and financing projects.

Based on the substantial investment in independent research and development, Sineng provides robust PV and energy storage solutions to maximize investors’ return on investment. Among all the offerings, the EH series EH-0200-HA-M-US string PCS stands out as a groundbreaking option in energy storage applications. For the modular design, the EH series PCS offers exceptional flexibility while ensuring the utmost reliability.

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Moreover, Sineng’s 275kW/350kW string inverters are yet another testament to the engineering expertise. The remarkable SP-350K-H1 string inverter offers a high DC/AC ratio and can be compatible with various PV panels, thus optimizing the projects’ LCOE. The flagship products – EP series central inverters ranging from 2500kW to 3750kW, are shining examples of excellence,  delivering reliable power output, maximizing yields, and ensuring convenient O&M. These superior features have been proven through their successful commissioning in numerous utility-scale PV projects.

“DNV’s thorough evaluation once again confirms Sineng’s technical advancement, top-notch product quality, and outstanding customer service, further enhancing our influence in the global market,” declared Yuelin Wang, General Manager of Sineng Electric System Solution Division. Sineng’s ongoing efforts to improve efficiency, reliability and safety have resulted in an extraordinary product line-up that sets the industry benchmark. As the world forges ahead on its path toward a green future, Sineng Electric remains dedicated to its core values, ceaselessly offering cutting-edge solutions.

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