Intersolar Europe 2023: Sungrow Unveils Cutting-Edge Innovations, Paving the Way for a Sustainable Future


Sungrow, the global leading inverter and energy storage system supplier, won ess AWARD and debuted its cutting-edge solutions for solar, storage, and EV charging markets during Intersolar Europe 2023 in Munich. The new offerings are set to meet the proliferating clean energy demand and carbon neutrality ambition of Europe.


PowerTitan 2.0: The latest liquid-cooled energy storage system

As more renewable energy projects come into operation and more resources are added to the energy mix, it is even more important to maintain grid stability and improve power quality.


Sungrow rolled out its latest liquid-cooled energy storage system, the PowerTitan 2.0, which is a professional integration of Sungrow’s power electronics, electrochemistry, and power grid support technologies. The new innovation for the utility-scale energy storage market adopts a large battery cell capacity of 314Ah, integrates battery modules and the string PCS in a 20-ft container, embeds Stem Cell Grid Tech, and features systematic liquid cooling temperature control. The all-in-one system significantly enhances the power density, making the container able to be equipped with 5MWh batteries and 2.5MW PCS.

The system boasts a round-trip efficiency (RTE) of 89.5% and the system’s discharged energy capacity increased by 9% across its entire life cycle.

1+X Modular Inverter: Boasts new features

Sungrow also introduced its 1+X Modular Inverter for utility-scale PV projects. The product is an innovation combing the advantages of both string and central inverters, achieving higher availability and further reducing LCOE. The product features a 1.1MW single unit as the minimum and can be configured from 1.1MW to 8.8MW, making it more flexible for different block sizes and making the on-site operations and maintenance (O&M) easier. Each module is designed with an independent MPPT, further improving the power generation capacity of the power plant. 

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The 1+X Modular Inverter also stands out with its Intelligent Medium-voltage Disconnection technology, featuring an intelligent disconnection device connected in series to the sub-array collector line. During nighttime standby, the device automatically disconnects the medium-voltage station when the last inverter on the line is not in use. This feature ensures zero loss during standby hours. For instance, a 1GW PV plant can save up to 79GWh of electricity throughout the project’s lifespan.

Latest residential solar and storage solutions for higher-power household loads

Tailored to residential solar-plus-storage installations, Sungrow released a comprehensive solution integrating the new 3-phase Hybrid inverter, the SH15/20/25T, and the new Battery SBH100-400 series.

This new Battery is configured in a modular design. The Battery module is of a higher capacity of 5kWh. Each unit can be comprised of 2-8 modules. The battery system allows 4 units in parallel, scaled up to 160kWh which refers to 8 modules per unit. In addition, the battery charging and discharging current is 50A and the hybrid inverter is of a higher power capacity ranging from 15kW to 25kW. With high capacity and high power, the solution can support the simultaneous operation of multiple appliances, rapid charging and discharging capabilities, swift transition to the backup mode when grid outages, and effortless installation and system setup.

EV Chargers: From fully integrated residential charging solutions to public charging

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Sungrow also showcased its new EV charging solutions — a 180kW integrated DC EV Charger IDC180E and a 22kW AC EV charger AC22E-01. Both solutions are reliable, efficient, and user-friendly. They can be integrated with PV and battery systems, making it into Sungrow’s PV + ESS + Charger Solution, maximizing clean energy consumption, streamlining O&M, and economical savings.

The IDC180E achieves a remarkable 96% efficiency in charging, enabling optimal energy utilization and reducing energy consumption at charging stations. The AC22E-01 is equipped with an automatic phase-switching function. In addition, Dynamic Load Management technology is used to allocate charging power to maintain the power limit while charging multiple electric vehicles simultaneously, maximizing electricity use.

Cyber security: The world’s first ETSI EN 303 645 Certificate in the renewable energy industry issued by DEKRA

During the expo, Sungrow received the ETSI EN 303 645 certificates for its data logger, the Logger3000/4000, being the first in the renewable energy industry to obtain the certificate issued by DEKRA, helping the two products to meet rigorous cyber security requirements in grid code G99 of the UK and CE Radio Equipment Directive (RED) of EU.

Other debuted highlights include the commercial PV inverters SG50/125CX-P2, and the commercial liquid-cooled ESS PowerStack — ees AWARD winner 2023. The power optimizer SP600S can be compatible with Sungrow residential and commercial solar solutions, ideal for complicated and future-proof scenarios, maximizing the amount of power each PV module produces, and providing module-level safety.

Sungrow’s solutions can be monitored and managed through Sungrow’s iSolarCloud platform. The platform provides real-time and detailed plant updates, flexible energy flow and self-consumption monitoring, and simplified control over renewable energy assets. The latest version of the iSolarCloud App features a more streamlined design and smarter analysis functions, ensuring efficient operation and maintenance, which will soon be online in Europe.

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The trust of partners serves as a crucial foundation for Sungrow’s sustainable development in Europe. During the exhibition, Sungrow signed agreements with European distributors Menlo, Aprilice, Natec, and Sonepar Global Sourcing for a total of over 4.5GW.

For the past 16 years, Sungrow has been dedicated to empowering customers in Europe with its global presence and local expertise in sales, technical support, and after-sales service. Sungrow is very adamant that technical innovation is in its DNA and has established two R&D centers in Europe.

The Company has gained a strong reputation, holding a leading position in utility-scale and distributed generation segments. In the storage sector, Sungrow’s experienced energy storage team excels in the European ESS market, delivering significant projects such as an 825MWh collaboration with Constantine Energy Storage and a 300MWh partnership with SSE Solar and Battery.

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